A Cure For Writer’s Block?

Do you ever feel like sometimes there’s a big energetic boulder blocking your flow and keeping you from expressing yourself clearly?  If you’re an online marketer, you know just how much writing, speaking, and communicating is involved with what we do.  And odds are, you’ve experienced what I’ve just described above at some point or another… You know just how frustrating, time consuming, and unproductive it is to fall victim to what we call ‘writer’s block’.

For me, there are times when I sit down at my computer to write or make a video and the words just seem to naturally flow out of me.  I can get content created in record time without overanalyzing it and during times like these, it’s always my best work.  On the other hand, I’ve definitely experienced the other end of the spectrum where I sit down to work and I end up staring at my computer screen and picking at my hair for hours on end!  During these times, my energy is blocked and being productive is nearly impossible…

So where does this so-called ‘writer’s block’ come from?  Is there really a cure?  Well, for me, I’ve actually found something that works and puts me back in the natural flow of my own creative energy almost immediately… So I’d like to share my writer’s block ‘cure’ with you in the video below:

To be INSPIRED literally means to be ‘in-spirit’… And finding true inspiration is the remedy for any kind of ‘blocked energy’.  What I want to know is… What inspires YOU?  Share your ideas down below with the community and let’s come together to inspire each other with new ways to cultivate inspiration…

Let’s get those creative juices flowing!

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