The *Unified Tribe* Social Media Success System Is Here…

What if I told you it was now possible to build a wildly successful brand around what YOU’RE most passionate about, partner with other like-minded entrepreneurs who will help promote YOU and spread the word about your business, and have multiple streams of income flowing into your business every month… Without spending a penny on advertising.

Sound too good to be true? †Well… This is not only what I’ve created in my own business, but it’s what I am now helping YOU to create as well…

You may have heard the news buzzing around the social sphere over the last week or so… But ‘The Unified Tribe’ had it’s official Grand Opening on April 29th, 2010! The Unified Tribe is a complete platform, community, and system that will help you get massive, viral exposure from your ‘friends’ sharing your content (blog posts, videos, articles) all over the social networks FOR you on total autopilot… It is a complete ‘Social Media and Blogging University’ where you’ll get access to live, cutting edge webinar trainings every month… And it’s the place for you to build YOUR own tribe simply and easily.

When we opened our doors for the first time, it was complete MAYHEM… We brought in over 900 members in the first 24 hours and now, 6 days later, we have over 1,175 members and counting! †So many people are absolutely BLOWN AWAY at this new type of platform that really helps everyone to create more success through collaboration, in a way that’s never been done before.

In just the last 6 days, there has been over 8,859 content shares! †That means our tribe members are getting their content (blog posts, videos, articles) syndicated all over the social networks by REAL people on total autopilot! Talk about results!

This is truly revolutionary… But don’t take my word for it. †I want to take you behind the scenes of our new “unified tribe” and show you what’s really going on behind the curtain:

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I am truly ECSTATIC for all of the amazing, talented, and heart centered people we now have in our tribe… If you haven’t had a chance to see all of the details yet, I highly recommend that you head over to: † right now and check it out!

As a free gift, you’ll also receive my ‘Social Media Wealth Manifesto’… a 44 page document with a simple, 6-step action plan outlining my entire business model, step by step. †I show you EXACTLY how I make a multiple 6 figure income doing what I love, and how I have automated leads and traffic flowing through my business on total autopilot every single day.

And if you missed any of our pre-launch videos, you can check them out here:

We’re starting a true “unified success movement”… And I’d love for you to join us!

If you have any questions, comments, or feedback, please leave them for me below.¬† And I look forward to seeing you in the tribe (if you’re not already in!)

To Your Unstoppable Success,

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P.S.¬† Hear from a couple members…


Katie ROCKS! †And if you take the time to really LISTEN to her teaching style, you’ll be mesmerized by more than just the pretty face. Her knowledge and wisdom about life in general and marketing in detail is as “righteous” as it gets. That’s why I took a serious look at her “Tribe” system. †Then I tested it. ¬†Just one of my content posts got an extra 224 visits in the first 72 hours! †It took me 3 minutes tops to post it.

And that’s just the beginning… †I’m still getting traffic because real people (my tribe) keep finding it and sharing it on their Twitter, Facebook, and other social media locations. †That’s what her system does… it makes it really easy for the RIGHT people to find and promote you — The people who actually care what YOU have to say. †Use her system and even better, learn from Katie. †You’ll attract more followers and get more leads and sales. †And you’ll more have fun doing it.

Mike Klinlgler,


At first I was skeptical of The Unified Tribe. I work in the social media space and see a lot of scammy, ineffective automation out there. †I decided to give it a shot by submitting just one blog post to the Unified Tribe as a test.

Well, the results speak for themselves. Even though the system was just in beta at the time I immediately saw re-tweets from people who did not previously follow me – this is key! As a small business it’s important to constantly spread your content to NEW audiences and this is exactly what the Unified Tribe does. I’ve also seen an increase in my traffic from social bookmarking sites.

I love how The Unified Tribe puts a strong emphasis on sharing great content, and highlights the human element of content syndication. We now know that spambots don’t work – The Unified Tribe is just the opposite. It’s the most clever system I’ve seen to allow entrepreneurs to easily share and share alike – and that’s what social media is all about.

Laura Roeder

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