How To Get “Twitter Testimonials” Added To Your Blog

Ok, admit it… When you see good testimonials on a blog, a product, or a service… you pay more attention, right? Well of course you do!   😉

It’s a natural phenomenon that happens when you see other people sharing praise, appreciation, or results for a person, product, or service… And it’s called social proof.  When you have great social proof on your blog, your visitors are much more likely to want to follow you, listen to you, and buy from you because they SEE that what you are sharing is really valuable!

Even if you don’t have a product or service of your own just yet… You can still simply and easily grab testimonials from Twitter and add them to your blog whenever someone sends you a “tweet” that sings your praises!

Watch the training video down below to learn how to get this set up on your blog right away:

So there you have it!  It’s simple, easy, and it’s a very powerful strategy to have in place. Leave me a comment if you enjoyed this video today and give it a little “twitter and facebook love” by sharing it with your friends as well!  Thanks a bunch!

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