Learn From These Amazing Top Students Of Mine…

The Blog Mastery Training Intensive wrapped up last week and there are some amazing superstars that are now entering the blogging world with a BANG…

The course ended up being over 7 weeks long with more than 16 hours of jam packed value and content.  I taught everything from installing WordPress, plugins, widgets, writing powerful content, video, podcasting, social bookmarking, SEO (search engine optimization), Twitter and Facebook marketing, content syndication and tribe building, and of course, the success mindset… Not to mention live Q&A webinars each week and a special 2 1/2 hour bonus graduation webinar where I reviewed everyone’s blogs and gave them personal guidance and direction.

With over 80 students, we had such an amazing group of empowered, motivated, and talented entrepreneurs who truly made this course one of a kind.  Just about everyone in the group was not only committed to their own success, but also the success of the entire tribe we were forming… These students were able to build strong relationships and partnerships that will last a lifetime and form their very own TRIBE of people who are going to promote them and continue to help them succeed. 

A personal blog is essential to establishing your own brand in the online world and these 80 students now have a powerfully strong foundation laid for becoming top bloggers and social media entrepreneurs in our industry.  Their brands are only going to keep growing, evolving, and expanding and I’m so happy for each and every one of them!

I am truly so proud of ALL of my students because each one has done a phenomenal job of honoring where they’re at, being comfortable going at their own pace, and truly staying committed to their growth and development.  I’d just like to say CONGRATULATIONS to ALL of the Blog Mastery graduates!

But out of 80 students, there were 10 that really rose the top… These 10 people are action takers who were committed to getting their blogs launched, producing consistent content, helping others in the community with training and support, syndicating (sharing) other community members’ content, and really stepping up as true leaders…

I’d like to recognize them here as my top recommendations of people for you to follow, get to know, and learn from.  Check out their blogs and give them a shout out! They’re truly remarkable entrepreneurs!  Here they are (in no particular order):

1.  Kary Rogney:  http://KaryRogney.com

2.  Eric Goldstein:  http://CreateWithEric.com

3.  Michael Feil:  http://MichaelFeil.com

4.  Ken Pickard:  http://TheNetworkDad.com

5.  Heather Taskovics:  http://HeatherTaskovics.net

6.  Amanda-Marie McClellan:  http://Amanda-Marie.com

7.  Glenn Arcaro:  http://GlennArcaro.com

8.  Chris Kilber:  http://ChrisKilber.com

9.  Jodie Thompson:  http://JodieRecommends.com

10. Kathleen Krug:  http://KathleenKrug.com

These 10 are definitely A-players and there are actually SO many more students who really demonstrated so much commitment and leadership… Once they finish their blogs and get them launched, you’ll see them rise to the top in our industry as well!  I’m truly so proud of each and every person and can’t wait to coach and help transform more people into true MASTER BLOGGERS!

If you have any questions or comments about this course or any of the students mentioned above, please let me know!  And I look forward to sharing much more with you very soon…


To YOUR Success,

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