August 27, 2009

jonathan1 Testimonials


Honestly, I am more impressed with what you’ve been able to create in the past few months with PURE free traffic, and your blogging strategies, then almost anything else I’ve seen in this industry.

You have hands down built an industry wide reputation, amassed a tremendous following, and turned your PASSION and love into a HEALTHY 6 figure income for yourself. That’s simply AMAZING. And ANYONE who has the chance to learn from you would be well advised, and CRAZY not to study at your heels.

I personally know you have shown me more tips, tricks, and PROFITABLE tactics to increase the power of my blog then anyone else I’ve ever met. You have become a true GURU in this area, and the knowledge you now have to offer to help other people simply FLOWS directly from you to them.

Thank you for the priceless wisdom you bestow daily on all of us, and the amazing expertise you have developed in this area that has meant A LOT to me and many other people.

Like I said, there is NO other person in network marketing I would rather learn blogging from then you, as you’ve built such a SOLID business in such a short period of time purely with this free business model. What you have to share with people is literaly gold.

Jonathan Budd,


jodie1 Testimonials

Recently I attended 2 powerful webinars lead by the wonderful Katie Freiling and was amazed me as to how much she taught me in such a short amount of time especially considering that I should almost be classed as an ‘experienced blogger’!

Back in October 2008 I embarked on a self teaching journey to learn all about wordpress blogs.  I took down virtually all of my static websites to convert them into blogs purely because of the SEO power this platform holds.  I absorbed as much as I could from different teachers, complex membership sites, premium courses and while this did produce results – it was so incredibly time consuming.

Having spent thousands of dollars on website development and education, I can honestly say (with a hint of jealousy along with it), that what Katie is offering with her wordpress training program is unbelievably valuable.

Speaking from experience, if this type of training had of been available when I first discovered the power of wordpress, I would have definitely been able to construct a traffic generating website a hell of a lot quicker!

What impresses me the most about Katie’s style of teaching is that she methodically takes you step by step thru the process of navigating your administration ‘dashboard’ and understanding how SEO works which empowers you to be the true owner and publisher of your content.

Thanks again Katie for all the little gold nuggets that I immediately implemented into my blog following your training and wanted to let you know that are already producing results.”

Big Hugs from downunder,

Jodie Thompson



michael1 Testimonials

I’ve been a student of Katie Freiling for sometime now and it’s been a great learning experience.

When I first started out with my blogging site I had great content but the way my blog was set up was not helping me reach out to people.

The techniques that I learned from Katie have been very easy to apply to my blog, but most importantly have brought more traffic to my blog so I can reach more people.  I went from less than 20 people reading my blog per week to about 250 people reading my blog per week!

Katie is definitely an expert in this area and I highly recommend that you work with her because once you see what she has to offer you will understand the true value of what she is teaching.

Michael Feil
Wilmington, DE


kary1 Testimonials

Katie has done it again!

For months I’ve been trying to wrap my brain around putting together my blog.I kept running into walls every way I turned.

I knew what I wanted, because I had experienced an incredible blog at KatieFreiling.com!

Then my challenge was… how to do it myself… Especially on a limited budget.

Well, who said prayers don’t get answered?

I enrolled in the Social Media Mastery Course with Jonathan Budd, Katie Freiling, Jayson Shawver, and Scott Brandon Hoffman, and my mind was completely ‘blown’ to the new trend and opportunity waiting for me in social media marketing!

Katie’s two week blogging course quickly and systematically marched me right through the process of adding plugins and widgets, enlightening me of content and marketing strategies, and ‘Empowered’ me to take action!

I can’t thank Katie and the Team enough for all of their hard work and incredible value they bring to all that they do.

Take every chance you can get to learn from Katie… she’s a TRUE LEADER and Friend.

Kary Rogney


kathy1 Testimonials

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Katie Freiling for opening my eyes to the world of blogging.

Just a few months ago I was unsure just what a blog was; today, with Katie’s help, I have a beautiful blog that I’m incredibly proud of!
I’ve been unable to work a traditional job for the last several years due to illness, and have struggled trying to make money in the network marketing industry. When it became apparent that the “old school” mlm methods would never work for me I began to search for solutions online.

Once I stumbled upon Jonathan Budd’s system I knew I had found the key that would unlock my future! I enrolled in a training program and in 2 months became a master at the art of online marketing. In this short time I was able to develop a system of my own that uses my blog as a central hub to streamline all of my marketing efforts.

Jonathan’s training included blog development, which was presented by Katie. Katie’s webinars were packed with high value content, and were taught with tremendous enthusiasm.

The lessons started with the basics of how to host a blog and proceeded through the steps of customizing and editing the site. Great attention was given to the methods of effectively using a blog to provide value and assume a leadership role, creating an attraction marketing situation.

Initially I had hoped to use my blog just to gather leads for my network marketing business. I now have a much bigger picture. Along with collecting leads, I’m using the blog to teach others some of the amazing information I’ve learned, and to promote affiliate products – including Amazon.com.

I’ve learned so much about blogging that I’m even working on a plan to develop blogs for others who prefer to have the work done for them!

I’ve been involved in many training classes in the past, but have never received the type of value that Katie has provided through her webinsars. Enrolling in this training has been one of the best things I’ve ever done. As a result my financial future is much, much brighter. Thanks Katie, you rock!

Kathy Jodrey


matthew1 Testimonials

Before meeting Katie and becoming part of the Social Media Mastery Inner Circle I was running a web design business with a buddy of mine locally here in the central valley.

But even with all my knowledge in that area I still wasn’t able to generate the results I wanted, until I took Katie’s class that is…

She will take you from a WordPress & Blogging newbie to a full blown blogging champ in just a few short classes with her. I was able to start generating a MASSIVE amount of leads from purely just my blog alone. And now am getting involved with some more advanced strategies like building back linking structures, seo, & video blogging.

It’s truly some of the most powerful ways to create freedom in your life. And all from a blog… It really just blows my mind when I sit down to think about it.

So with all that said, make sure you thank Katie for all the hard work she has put into creating this training series for you because it really is better than you know.

To Your Success,
Matthew Neer

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