The 'Social Media Myth' Exposed… (And Why You're Probably Doing It The Wrong Way)

July 27, 2009

Most social media marketers have been suffering from an epidemic of misguided and ineffective information spreading around the industry.  I call it the ‘Social Media Myth’… And you could very well be one of it’s many victims.

In fact, I’d say about 99% of social media entrepreneurs have no clue that they’ve been just spinning their wheels and completely missing out on THE most vital, foundational, and long-term component of true social media success…

This ‘missing piece’ of the puzzle is probably the very reason you haven’t experienced the level of success you are looking for yet… And even if you have experienced success with social media, without this ‘missing element’, there’s no guarantees for how long it will really last.

Well, it’s time to put an end to the myth….

What I’m going to share with you today is NOT another facebook or twitter strategy… But an entirely new business model that will absolutely transform your entire business right before your eyes.

Up until now, only the ‘who’s who’ of social media were really clued into this… There is a very specific formula for integrating this ‘missing element’ with social media marketing that will:

1.  Instantly brand you as a leader and authority figure and is the ultimate trust-building tool

2.  Create a viral, automated stream of targeted traffic coming in 24/7

3.  Get you top search engine rankings within hours

4.  Set you up with a long-term profit center that’s YOURS forever, no matter what company or product you’re currently promoting

And it’s 100% FREE…

Ever since I discovered this formula, my business has undergone a complete and utter paradigm shift and I’ve experienced more success in the last few months than ever before.  This truly is the SECRET to a lifetime of unshakable, immensely powerful, and massively profitable social media success.

I’ve prepared a very special training video for you here today where I’m going to reveal EXACTLY what this missing element is and how the entire formula actually works… This is going to be THE MOST IMPORTANT training video you ever watch, and I’m not kidding.  Take some time, watch the whole thing, and then I’m going to let you know how you can get access to a VIP webinar I’m doing for the community for FREE later on this week where I’ll walk you, step by step, throughout this entire process.  You DO NOT want to miss out on this:

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If you are truly looking to create massive success using social media, it’s absolutely IMPERATIVE that you have a personal branding blog

Your blog IS your profit center… And when done correctly, it will prove to be to be the most long-term, automated, and lucrative business model you could ever possibly imagine.

Why so many social media marketers have misssed this, I have no idea.  But we’re really at the forefront right now of something HUGE.  You have just been exposed to information that only the top 1% of people in our industry are even aware of.  And you now have the chance to ‘ride the wave’ before the general public.

I’m doing a FREE training webinar this Thursday night at 6pm PST/ 9pm EST where you will get guided through the entire process of setting this up for yourself.  I’m going to transform you into a master blogger and social media marketer who can literally create wealth on command.  This IS the evolution of online wealth creation and you are now sitting at the forefront…

We are about to experience a REVOLUTION… Never before in history has the average person been able to earn a living by finding their passions, blogging about it, building relationships and friendships, and create an unlimited amount of abundance by doing so.

I am so excited to share this new knowledge with you… Take advantage of this NOW by claiming your spot on the free training webinar this Thursday night.  I have no doubt this will prove to be the BIGGEST tipping point of your entire life…

Space is limited.
Reserve your Webinar seat now at:

After you register for Thursday night’s webinar by clicking on the link above, make sure you share this with your Twitter friends and followers.  They’re going to be so darn thankful you took the time to do so!

And please leave me your questions down below in the comments section.  Let me know what your questions are and what you’d like me to cover on Thursday night and I’ll make sure that happens!  This is YOUR TIME TO SHINE!


To YOUR Success,
Katie Freiling

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