Burning Away The Past (A Kauai Ceremony)

What would your life look like if you could live each moment without any baggage from the past? Our pasts shape, define, and become the filters through which we experience reality.  Our minds operate very much like a computer, collecting data and information about ourselves and the world, as we accumulate one life experience after another.  Since this accumulation of experiences, patterns, beliefs, and emotions become the filter through which we perceive the world, our sense of reality can often become quite distorted.

Whether you’re conscious of it or not, odds are that you’re carrying with you quite a bit of ‘baggage’ from your past… If you formed the belief at age 15 that you weren’t a good writer, you most likely still believe that about yourself today.  If your best friend betrayed you when you were younger, you might still be carrying the pain of mistrust around with you right now. All of the people in your past, along with the situations and events that you experienced, might still be affecting you today and keeping you from living a life that’s fresh, alive, and new in each moment.

Truly successful people are not just successful because they learned a few new skills or got lucky… They most likely have had to do quite a bit of digging, or personal ‘work’ on themselves to clear out the cob webs and grow.  They’ve had to face their fears, get outside of their comfort zone, and also challenge the old disempowering patterns and beliefs that were keeping them from creating more success…

Personal growth is absolutely essential for anyone looking to create wealth or success for themselves as an entrepreneur… It’s about fine-tuning the power force within that is capable of creating and manifesting in the external world.

I’m quite passionate about personal growth (if you couldn’t tell already!) and that’s why I decided to take a trip to Kauai… I wanted to really dig deep and cultivate a deeper awareness of the source of my power, strength, creativity, and potential.  And so, realizing that my past still had somewhat of a grip on me, I decided to do a ceremony to release it…

It was incredibly powerful, I have to say.  And I’d like to invite you join with me in the finale… You’ll also get some great insight as to how you can release your past and clear space for your true potential and power to shine through and manifest in your business.

Click ‘play’ on the video below to hear more (and get a look at my new cottage out here in Kauai with an awesome private hot tub!)…

The past is history… It doesn’t exist!  We can remember the past and learn from it, but there’s no need to carry it with us any longer.  In order to live more fully in the present moment as an aware, empowered, and fully expressed human being, we’ve gotta let go of the beliefs, emotions, and people from our past that keep us from seeing the truth of who we really are.

It’s a cleansing process and it’s necessary!  I’m not saying that everyone needs to do any specific ceremony, but I do encourage you to dig up the past if you’ve never done it, make amends with it, and let it go once and for all…  You’ll be amazed at the clarity and lightness you’ll feel!

Again, thank you so much for joining me in the finale of my ceremony!  What did you think? I’d love to hear any comments, questions, or feedback so please share with the community down below.  And also please make sure you ‘re-tweet’ this post using the button down below and send this out to your Twitter friends and followers (as well as Facebook, Digg, or any other social site you visit often!)  This message is definitely one that needs to be heard and it’s much appreciated!

Thanks a bunch and we’ll speak again soon…

In Joy and Aliveness,

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