A Simple NLP Technique for Building Rapport and Influence

Think about it… When you “like” someone, or you feel a connection with someone, you’ll likely be open, responsive, and will truly “listen” to what they have to say.  This is rapport.  When you are “in sync” or on the same wavelength as another person, and there’s a feeling of commonality between you, you have rapport.

With rapport comes influence.  And with influence (when used with integrity), comes great success.  So rapport is an extremely important thing to cultivate with the people you’re working with, partnering with, or selling products/services to.

So how do you build rapport?  Click play below to learn about an NLP technique that will help you build instant rapport and ultimately have greater influence with people in your business and your life…

Rapport is power.  Meet people where they are, see them for who they are, and lead.  This technique is very valuable, but again, it’s not to be overused or abused.  Be yourself, be authentic, and approach life and everyone you meet with an open heart… True rapport is really just about connection.


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Katie Freiling

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