3 “Great Myths” of Personal Development (And How To Truly Be Free)

There are still quite a few “myths” out there about what personal development is really all about… And it’s definitely time to let go of the old, false misconceptions and beliefs about what we think personal growth can “do” for us, and embrace the TRUTH about what it means to be on this very special and sacred journey of self discovery.

It’s a journey that never ends, but fulfills the deepest longing we have as human beings to really KNOW who we are at our core.  And when we understand more about who we really are, we stop creating and perpetuating stories of struggle… and we can let life flow through us in incredibly magical ways!

I just returned from a personal growth event in Costa Rica… And I’d love to share my insights and reflections with you about the myths and truths of personal development and why I’m so darn passionate about it!  Click play to hear more…

So what do you actually “discover” along this journey?  Well… again, that’s for YOU to experience for yourself!  But let me tell you… you’ll feel a deeper sense of personal freedom, authenticity, creativity, love, power, wisdom, and connection with all of life. And it really can’t get any more beautiful than that!

I’d LOVE to hear from you!

What does personal growth mean to you?  Leave a comment below and “share the love” if this video had an impact on you today.  Thank you for being you!

Yours in Awakening,

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