How I Got My Blog To A Page Rank Of 5 In Less Than 12 Months…

One of the many benefits of being a blogger is the fact that you can easily get your posts ranked to the top of the search engines. And of course, when you have top search engine rankings, you can drive high quality traffic to your site absolutely for free. But in order to get top rankings in the search engines, you have to pay attention to the PAGE RANK of your blog.

Page rank is a way that Google ranks the authority or importance of your site. The higher your page rank, the more of an ‘authority’ you are.  And when you have a high authority site, you will get search engine rankings more easily… In fact, you actually have priority over other sites.

I’ve had many top marketers and SEO (search engine optimization) experts ask me how I was able to get such a high page rank in such a short period of time (It usually takes a few months for Google to even ‘register’ you and getting to a PR of 5 is not something that most sites ever achieve).  So… I decided to make this free training tutorial today to share with YOU exactly how I was able to do this… And of course, how you can, too!


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