4 Steps to Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

“Limits exist only in the mind” ~ Author unknown

Imagine this… You are walking along a dirt road with the goal of getting to the other side of town.  Along your way, you run into a big brick wall.  This wall is completely blocking your path and it stops you dead in your tracks.

What do you do?  Do you give up and go home?  Do you just sit there and “hope” the wall will eventually disappear?  Do you push against it to try and move it with force?  Or do you overcome the obstacle by finding a way to get around it?

Our limiting beliefs are like big brick walls blocking us on our path to freedom, wealth, and success.  We all have them… It’s just a matter of learning how to work through them when they arise.  Most people, unfortunately, don’t know how to let go of their own illusions of limitation.  They end up “buying into” their limiting thoughts and beliefs and either just quit or struggle against them tirelessly to the point of exhaustion.

Successful people, on the other hand, have just learned how to walk around the big brick wall and continue along their path with even more enthusiasm, motivation, and empowerment than ever before.  Now, there are actually many ways of working through limiting beliefs… But at the end of the day, it really just comes down to your ability to see the TRUTH.

I recently learned a 4 step process to overcoming limiting (false) beliefs by a mentor and teacher of mine… And it’s been so transformational for me, that I couldn’t wait to share it with you!  Click play now on the video below to hear more…

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Do the 4 step exercise that I explain in the video and then please share your insights with all of us by leaving a comment below! Do you have any questions, thoughts, feedback, or life experiences to share? And don’t forget to “share the love” if you enjoyed this post today by sharing it on Facebook and Twitter.  Thank you so much!  Hope this was valuable for you today!  I sure know how life changing it’s been for me!

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