A Powerful Exercise To Bring In A Prosperous New Year

Happy 2012!  It’s that time of year again… where we have the opportunity to create a fresh new start for a fresh new year!

Rather than setting unrealistic goals or new years resolutions that almost never make it into February… I’m inviting you to join me today in a journaling exercise to help bring true clarity and power to your intentions for 2012.  simple smile A Powerful Exercise To Bring In A Prosperous New Year

As I was doing my own preparations for the New Year, there were 3 questions that came to mind… and instead of answering them privately in my journal, I’ve decided to share my answers here with you.  As you read this post here today, I encourage you think about your own answers… and then share them in the comment box down below.  This way, we’ll inspire each other to go deeper and think bigger! And of course, putting things in writing helps to clarify your thoughts and “make real” your intentions.  Plus, it’s gonna be a lot of fun!

Ok, so let’s get started…

Question #1:  In reflecting on this last year, what am I truly grateful for?

Expressing gratitude is so important for so many reasons… it gets you into your heart, focuses your attention on the positive, and opens the door to creating even more positive, loving, and fulfilling life experiences.  It’s so true that you get what you look for… so the more you look for the blessings in life, the more blessed your life will become!  simple smile A Powerful Exercise To Bring In A Prosperous New Year

For me, 2011 was definitely a year of major growth… Even though I experienced challenges in my relationships, in my business, and in moving through old patterns and insecurities, I’m so grateful for ALL of it.  I learned so much about myself this year, becoming even more aware of who I really am and what I truly want in life.  Each challenge was a wake up call to look deeper, become more authentically connected, and make choices that are in full alignment with my inner truth.

And of course, I’m incredibly grateful for the successes I’ve had this year, both personally and professionally.  With the launch of “CASH IN ON YOU” over the summer, I broke my record for my most successful product launch yet.

I’m also so grateful for the beautiful friends I have in my life, for my family, and for all of the people I’ve connected with over this last year.  I’ve learned so much about what being in “true relationship” means and have become more aware of the multitude of blessings that are present within each relationship, each connection… whether it’s someone I meet in a café and only talk to for 20 minutes, or a friend I’ve known for years.

I’m so grateful for YOU… and for all of the people I’ve been able to reach through the incredible power of the Internet.  Thank you for reading my posts, watching my videos, opening my emails, and staying committed to your own personal and professional development.  This next year is going to be EPIC… and I can’t wait to share more about my new plans for 2012!

In August of this year, I got the opportunity to travel to Ecuador and into the heart of the Amazon rainforest.  That trip changed my life… and I’m in such gratitude for every moment of it.  I felt a deep, cellular connection to the Earth and to Mother Nature unlike anything I’ve experienced before.  It opened my heart, fueled my spirit, and connected me to a deeper part of my life’s purpose that I wasn’t even aware of before.  There’s definitely more to come about this!

In October, I moved out of my place in San Diego, put all of my stuff in storage, and decided to embark on a spiritual, solo journey throughout Bali, Malaysia, Australia… and now possibly New Zealand and Hawaii.  As I’m writing this, I’m currently on a plane from Perth (Western Australia) to Sydney to celebrate the New Year with some Aussie friends of mine.  This trip has been absolutely life changing as well… and I’m so incredibly grateful for having the opportunity to make a dream like this come true.

I feel like I’m in the process of transforming from a caterpillar to a butterfly… and this year has been the “cocoon”, the catalyst, for my biggest life transformation yet!  Thank you, thank you, thank you Spirit!  What a blessing 2011 has been!

Question #2:  In reflecting on this last year, what am I consciously letting go of?

This question is going to require some deep self-reflection and honesty… Most people are unhappy or unsatisfied with aspects of themselves or their lives, but will avoid taking responsibility for it… or they’ll pretend it’s not there and continue on living in old patterns and habits that they know deep down are not in alignment.

It’s so important to take a good look at ourselves and the lives we’re creating, objectively observe what’s working and what’s not without judgment or criticism, and take responsibility for all of it.  We can’t change what we aren’t willing to see.  And when we take full responsibility, without blaming or justifying, we empower ourselves to become the “change-makers” of our own lives.  In choosing to let go of what’s no longer working or serving us, we clear out the “static”, hit the re-set button, and make space for what we DO want to make it’s way through.

For me, I’ve become aware of old self-sabotaging habits that I’m now choosing to consciously let go of.  For starters, I have an old childhood habit of being quite messy and unorganized, even though I feel SO much better when my life and everything in it is in order.  So, instead of letting things pile up to the point of frustration and then judging myself for it, I’m choosing to let go of this old pattern and committing to being organized.

This past year, I’ve also become more keenly aware of those moments in life where I’m being “hard on myself”.  This comes from self judgment and comparing myself to an expectation of how I think I “should” be.  So when I notice this old habit arising, I’m committed to loving and accepting myself unconditionally… and turning self-defeating thoughts into self-affirming ones.  I truly feel that one of the most powerful things we can do for ourselves in life is “have our own back”.   Just like you would unconditionally support a child or a best friend, it’s so important to do the same thing for ourselves!

I’m also choosing to let go of the old habit of “over-thinking” decisions.  Often, I’ll think and re-think and analyze and re-analyze to the point of exhaustion.  And I know that clearly, over-thinking thoughts is NOT the way to clarity!  So I’m choosing to let go of this old habit and committing to listening to my FEELINGS instead, especially when it comes to making decisions.  When I do tune in to my body, and follow my feelings, that’s when true wisdom and clarity emerges, and I’m in a state of flow rather than struggle.  simple smile A Powerful Exercise To Bring In A Prosperous New Year

Question #3:  Who am I committed to being in 2012?

Although I do believe goal setting is important, I also know that there’s something even more important that actually determines whether or not we even meet our goals… and that’s our way of being.   It’s who we are choosing to be, and how we show up, in each and every moment, that matters.

You could have a “goal” of making a 5 figure monthly income this year… but if you shy away from challenges and don’t muster up the courage to go where it’s uncomfortable, you’re unlikely to ever make that goal a reality.  You’ve got to commit and re-commit to being courageous again and again in order to be the successful entrepreneur you want to be.

So for me, I’m definitely committed to being courageous without hesitation, especially when it comes to doing things I’ve never done before.  This next year, I’m going to be walking down a new path in many ways… so in maintaining my commitment to being courageous, I know that not only will I reach my goals much faster, but I’ll also be liberating myself from old fears along the way.

I’m also committed to being an inspired action taker.  I love to journal, I love to come up with ideas, I love to envision, to dream, to see possibilities… but unless all of that is balanced with action, it won’t come to fruition and create the impact that I know is possible.  So I’m committed to being in balance as an “inspired action taker”… taking time everyday to stay connected and inspired AND taking action steps everyday to bring my ideas and visions into manifestation.

I’m also committed to being non-judgmental and compassionate.  I know that when I judge others, it’s really just a projection of something “unresolved” within myself that I still judge.  So in choosing to be non-judgmental to myself, I’m naturally non-judgmental with others, and vice versa.  When I choose non-judgment, I’m able to see the truth more clearly… and the underlying innocence and beauty that lives at the core of every human being, no matter what they are saying or doing.  In seeing people for who they really are, compassion arises naturally… and then, not only do I feel more connected, but I’m giving the gift of true connection to others as well.

Well, there you have it!  This is my New Years journal entry for creating a prosperous and fulfilling 2012.  Now it’s your turn!  In the comment box down below, I encourage you to write at least one answer for each question.  I’d LOVE to hear from you and I know that others who are reading this post would love to as well!   Let’s make this a community-inspired exercise and share our commitments with each other for clarity, accountability, and support.  And remember, when you write things down, they solidify and become real!

When you’re done leaving a comment, please take a few seconds and share this post with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.  Let’s get them in on this!  simple smile A Powerful Exercise To Bring In A Prosperous New Year

Thanks so much for spending this time with me here today!  Happy New Year!  Let’s make this the most MAGICAL year yet!

Love and light,

sig A Powerful Exercise To Bring In A Prosperous New Year


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