How To Easily Create *MAGNETIC* Blog Posts And Videos

When you’re a blogger or social media marketer, your mission is really to become a producer of valuable content in the form of videos, blog posts, or articles… Value means sharing tips, strategies, ideas, or concepts that will help improve the lives or businesses of others.  

As a social media and blogging coach, one of the most common questions I get asked is, ‘Katie, how do I come up with new content ideas?’  

This is where most new bloggers get totally stuck… But coming up with new content ideas is actually fun and easy when you have the right strategies and tips to guide you along.  So today, I’d like to share a few juicy strategies for creating magnetic blog posts and videos to help YOU along your journey to becoming a content-creating superstar!

Ok, so matter what your niche is, you can always get inspiration for content ideas in your daily life… As you read books, ebooks, go to seminars, watch movies, have conversations with friends, etc, you can train your mind to always be thinking about ways to turn these experiences and learned skills into content.  I keep a running journal of content ideas as I come up with them throughout my day, so that when it comes time to sit down and create a video or a post, I have a whole list of ideas to choose from.

For example, let’s say you you just went snowboarding last weekend…  And your niche is teaching people about online marketing.  You can create a post about your experience snowboarding and how certain principles and concepts also apply to online marketing.  So maybe you could talk about how snowboarding:

  • Takes a certain amount of courage and risk, just like starting your own business.
  • Requires that you stay focused and in the present moment because distractions can cause an accident… And being truly effective and successful as an entrepreneur also requires present moment awareness and focus.
  • While learning to snowboard, it is inevitable that you will fall down, but what’s important is that you pick yourself back and up and keep going… In business, you will experience setbacks here and there when you’re learning and growing, but as long as failure isn’t an option, you just need to pick yourself back up, dust yourself off, and continue full speed ahead.

So use your own life as continual inspiration!  Just make sure you always apply the ideas and insights you come across to your specific niche and how it benefits your readers or followers.  And as you learn or come across new information, turn around and share it!

So now that you’ve got an idea for how to come up with the inspiration behind your content, let’s talk about ideas for how to structure it… Below are 5 high-converting and extremely powerful strategies for delivering your content…

1.  Create a ‘How To’ post or video:  Teach something!  Most people are always eager to learn new information and strategies that will help them get to where they want to be in life. For example, ‘How To Create And Optimize Your Facebook Fan Page.’

2.  Make A List:  List reasons, steps, excuses, biggest mistakes, top strategies, etc.  For example, ‘5 Steps To Cultivating Authentic Power‘.

3.  Ask A Question:  Questions automatically get the brain to produce an answer, whether internally or out loud.  Asking a question in a blog post or video encourages people to want to read or watch the content and contribute their answer!  For example, ‘What Does True Freedom Mean To You?

4.  Give A Direct Benefit:  Clearly stating the benefit in your blog post or video title is very powerful and will definitely help you captivate a larger audience.  For example, ‘2 Tips To Unblock Your Energy For Increased Clarity And Creativity‘.  In this example, having more clarity and creativity is the direct benefit to the reader.

5.  Define Or Reveal Something:  This type of post or video is great for peaking curiosity.  For example, ‘The Secret To Doubling Your Productivity And Success in 2010.

So there you have it… Take these ideas and run with it!  Get out there and become a people magnet with your amazing, valuable content!  It’s an easy feat when you get into the flow and you follow the strategies outlined above!

Hope you got some great value out of this post today!  Please leave me a comment down below and let me know what you liked the most and what you’re excited to go out and implement!  And don’t forget to share this post with your Twitter and Facebook friends and followers!  

Great ideas are meant to be shared!   😉 

We’ll talk soon…

To Your Unstoppable Success,

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