Loving YOU (+ Special Update)

This is a very special post here today…

I’m going to talk about something that has incredible power to transform your life and help you truly own your greatness…

But first, I have an update to share with you simple smile Loving YOU (+ Special Update)

I’m writing this email to you today from Italy! Traveling to Italy has always been a dream of mine… and I feel so grateful to be here right now!

I know, I know… I totally caught the traveling bug… and I’m absolutely loving it!

Not only has traveling around the world been fun and adventurous, but it’s also been an incredible personal growth opportunity as well.

I feel as though I’ve accelerated through years of transformation and healing just in the last few months alone!

Whether your dream is to travel the world too, open up a retreat center in South America, or simply experience the peace and comfort of having true abundance in your life…

It’s ALL possible.

And I’m committed to helping you create the life that is deeply fulfilling to you.

I know you haven’t been hearing a whole lot from me lately… but just know that I’m still here and I think about you a LOT.

And over the next month, I’m going to be investing my time in a month long course here in Italy that will help me create a much bigger impact in YOUR life and a bigger impact for the planet.

I’m so excited simple smile Loving YOU (+ Special Update)  

I’m in Northern Italy right now spending time with one of the world’s largest intentional eco-communities. They are at the cutting edge of sustainability in areas of science, technology, economics, ecology, permaculture, and community collaboration. They are also very committed to music, the arts, and universal spirituality.

I’m here taking a month long course (curriculum developed by an amazing company called “Gaia Education”) on how to create and innovate empowered, sustainable, and collaborative communities on the planet, focusing on 4 main areas:

Spirituality (and shifting to a holistic worldview), Social collaboration, Ecology, and Economics.

It’s a holistic education that can be applied to many areas of transformation and positive change, both locally and globally.

I’m going to be learning about the most effective tools, strategies, and ideas for creating successful communities, along with some of the most cutting edge sustainable solutions that currently exist in the world…

And right now, the plan is to integrate this knowledge with the power of the internet to help create and unite communities all over the globe who are committed to their own personal transformation, as well as collaborating together to co-create a more thriving, loving, just, and sustainable world for ALL.

There’s an unbelievable amount of power in collaboration, and so many exciting possibilities ahead! simple smile Loving YOU (+ Special Update) So definitely stay tuned because I’ll be sharing much more about this as this vision crystalizes and moves forward!

Now, let’s talk about helping you manifest YOUR dreams…

In order for you to take efficient and powerful action towards your dreams and goals, you must first become powerful yourself… and in order for you to really own your full, true power, it’s vital for you to LOVE and accept ALL of who you are.

Self love is the foundation for success in life and is truly the KEY to unlocking the love, power, wisdom, and fulfillment that we all desire most deeply.

For me, this has been an ongoing journey for quite a few years now… and I’ve come to discover that the more I’m able to love and accept myself, the more clear, powerful, free, and loving I am. When we come from a place of wholeness in life, where we love and accept all of who we are, we are able to access more of our true power and potential in all ways.

Self love is also the bridge that allows us to feel and experience our interconnectedness with all of life. And the more connected we feel within ourselves and with others, the more love and joy we invite into our lives.

Now, there are some people in our world (and you may be one of them) who would initially perceive self love as narcissistic or selfish… or even maybe that it’s just airy fairy talk that doesn’t really produce any real results in life.

But I’m here to share with you today that this is literally THE most important and life transforming thing you can ever do for yourself, your loved ones, and the planet.

The more you are able to love yourself, the more love you have to give and share with others. Not only that, but the more you love yourself the more you can RECEIVE love from others and the world. Most people have a very hard time receiving love, and therefore experiencing love, because their hearts are closed.

I, myself, have definitely been one of them. And it’s been the journey of going deeper into self love that has allowed my heart to open more and more, expanding my experience of love in all ways.

This journey to rediscovering the love within our own hearts is what I also call the journey of healing.  It’s about healing and releasing the built up self judgements, pain, blockages, and walls that we’ve put up, that keep us from feeling and experiencing the love that is already there within us.

To heal means to become whole. And when we come from a place of wholeness, we open ourselves up to the totality of this beautiful, majestic universe!

Now, with that being said, it’s important to understand that we are already whole and always have been… it’s just our self perception that keeps us from experiencing our wholeness, or our true greatness.

When we judge a part of ourselves as bad, not acceptable, ugly, wrong, or not good enough, we literally “disown” that aspect of ourselves.  We avoid it because it hurts to feel it, and we end up hiding it from others, and ourselves.  Whatever we cannot love and accept about ourselves becomes part of our shadow…

You can think of your shadow as the part of yourself you do not want to see.  It’s like having a dark basement inside of yourself where all of the “unacceptable” parts get stored away to hopefully be forgotten about.

Because we don’t accept what’s in our own basement, we automatically assume that others won’t accept it either.  So we expend so much energy, both consciously and unconsciously, to hide pieces of ourselves we don’t love and accept in order to be loved and accepted by others.  We show only the parts we think will get the love and approval we’re seeking.  

And so, we show up in life, not as ALL of who we are, but as a fragmented version of who we “think” we are… as a representation of a distorted self image.

And what we throw away in the basement never actually goes away.  In fact, it starts collecting so much dust and grime, that it starts to cloud our perception, our filter through which we see the world.  And when we perceive unclearly, we create a whole lotta unncessary hurt and drama in our lives.

What we don’t accept about ourselves, we can’t accept in others.  So if we see that similar trait in another, we’ll judge it and most likely get very triggered by it.  We will also be unconsciously projecting this part of ourselves onto others and the world… and whatever we project, gets reflected right back to us.  

So the more we try to hide and disown our shadow, the more we see our shadow reflected back to us through other people and our life experience. Simply put, the “monster” in the basement will keep showing up again and again in various forms until we have the willingness and courage to turn on the light and look at it.

Life is beautifully designed to give us exactly what we need to grow, evolve, and become more of who we already are.  Experiencing our own shadow reflected back to us is the perfect way for us to heal and wake up to what’s really true… it’s the opportunity to bring whatever’s in the darkness into the light so we can truly own our greatness and experience the beauty of our wholeness.

In my life experience, there have been many things I stored away in my inner basement that I wasn’t able to love and accept about myself. And most of these things were self judgments that started in childhood and adolescence. In fact, much of our self image is sourced from these younger life experiences, when we really don’t have a strong solid foundation for understanding who we really are at all.

When I was a young child, I formed the perception that I was ugly… I had red hair, pale skin, and freckles, which to me looked much different than everyone else around me. So growing up, I felt ugly, unworthy, and had very low self esteem.  

Once I became a teenager and started wearing makeup, I was so happy to finally be able to “look prettier” and hide my true face.  Makeup became a mask that made me feel better about myself from the outside… and after time, that mask became my identity… I could finally see myself as “beautiful”, according to society’s standards anyway. Once I started wearing makeup, I never left the house without it. It became my safety blanket.

So deep down, I really didn’t feel authentically beautiful, no matter how much makeup I had on or how many compliments I would get on my appearance.  Deep down, I had a dark secret that no one else knew about… my secret was that I was still “ugly” underneath it all.

Over the years, I’ve been able to love and accept more and more of who I am, recognizing and honoring the unique expression of the Divine that is me… including different aspects of my appearance, personality, and core feelings of worthiness.

But it wasn’t until last month that I had one of the most liberating and transformative experiences of really discovering my true beauty like I never had before…

I went to a 5 day retreat up in the beautiful forests of Northern California.  And when I arrived at the retreat, I was asked to give my cell phone, car keys, and makeup to the retreat leader for the entire 5 days!  

At first I was really nervous and even upset… I was being asked to do one of THE most vulnerable things I could do at that time… not wear makeup for an entire 5 days and really face one of my biggest insecurities. But deep down, I was so GRATEFUL… I knew this was exactly the experience my soul had been asking for.

Now, I understand that for you, this may not seem like a big deal at all… but for me, it was extremely challenging.  I really started to see how much of my sense of self was still wrapped up in my outer appearance. Even though I had done so much deep inner work on other things throughout my life, this seemingly “superficial” challenge really stung at my core.

When I first took the makeup off, a part of me was still hiding energetically… not wanting to fully be seen out of fear of not being accepted. But I saw that this fear was only there because I had not fully come to love and accept myself.

I allowed myself to feel all of the self judgment, the self condemnation, and the pain I was hiding inside about feeling ugly.  And then, I consciously decided that I was going to make peace with myself… that I was going to fully love and accept myself just as Creator made me.  

I shared my vulnerability with the other people at the retreat, and even broke down crying in front of them.  I let my guard down, and set my emotions free… emotions that had been trapped inside since I was a child.

And after the 5 days was over, I felt like I got in touch with my true inner beauty more deeply than I ever had before… a beauty that sparkles and shines so deep inside, beyond any self image I could dream up.  And the liberation I felt from it was life changing.  I had been keeping myself enslaved by holding onto this deep dark secret from my childhood that was something I had completely made up in the first place.

I needed this experience to truly have a breakthrough into deeper self love.  And I’m so grateful for it!  It was one of those lingering “monsters” in the basement that I was finally able to face and set free.

And honestly, I’m not ready to never wear makeup again… In fact, I really do enjoy it. So I still choose to wear it, but it’s from a different place now… Instead of wearing makeup because I feel like I have to, I wear it from a place of loving and honoring myself for who I am. It’s become a ritual of self love rather than a ritual of hiding. It’s been so empowering and liberating!

Thank you so much for listening to my story here today and allowing me to share my vulnerability with you… I’m sharing all of this to show you what’s possible when you face your shadow, those parts of yourself you don’t love and accept, and truly choose to embrace ALL of who you are. It’s such an important and very personal journey for all of us to embark on.

And again, this is the KEY to wholeness… and coming from wholeness is what will allow you to live and experience your true, unbounded potential.

So I encourage you to also go through this process of going deeper into self love.

To keep it simple, here’s what I suggest doing:

1.  Ask yourself:  “What am I not loving or accepting about myself?  What do I believe about myself that would be so embarrassing or horrifying if anyone found out?  What am I hiding in my shadow?”

2.  Choose one answer (belief) for now and give yourself the time and space to fully FEEL it.  Most likely, you’ve been avoiding feeling the pain, guilt, embarrassment, shame, anger, or fear that’s associated with this belief you have about yourself, so it’s going to take courage to face it… to fully feel the emotions you’ve had locked away for quite some time.  
But you need to allow yourself to fully feel these emotions if you want to move through them, otherwise they’ll stay locked up in the basement, becoming a wall that keeps you from really feeling the love you have inside. Let those tears flow if that’s what’s real for you!

3.  Inquire into what’s really true. Is this belief or judgment you’ve had about yourself really true?  And before your mind jumps in to validate your unworthiness and tell you it’s true… I really suggest reflecting deeply on this.

Take some deep breaths, feel into your body, and consciously get in touch with who you are beyond the physical.  You may even want to close your eyes and visualize being able to see yourself from a bird’s eye view.  When you see and feel the bigger, more expanded YOU, your self judgment will start to naturally fall away. You’ll start to see that any self image you have of yourself is simply an image that you made up in the first place! It’s not who you really are simple smile Loving YOU (+ Special Update)

4.  Embrace, love, and accept ALL of you!  Your judgment about yourself may not be true, but the part of yourself you’ve been judging is still a part of YOU!  So love and embrace it fully!  For example, my self judgment about being ugly without makeup isn’t true… yet I still love and embrace who I am and what I look like, with or without makeup.

So maybe for you there’s something you did in your past that you judge yourself for… and feel guilty over.  You can inquire into the judgments you have about yourself of being a terrible person, etc. etc. until you can see that none of them are true.  Then, choose to fully forgive, love, and embrace all of yourself, even the part you judge.  

You can do this by breathing and feeling into your heart, and allowing your heart to expand with love. Give this love to yourself and especially to that part of yourself you’ve been disowning. I’d even suggest making this a regular practice to really sink into deeper self love and acceptance.

5. This is optional, but HIGHLY recommended… Find someone in your life that you love, trust, and feel safe with and muster up the courage to share this part of your shadow with them. Choose to be vulnerable and you’ll see that it’s your willingness to be vulnerable that truly helps set you free.

In sharing this with another, the belief you’ve had about yourself loses its power… and in turn, you also help the person you’re sharing with heal as well. This is because we’re all human, and we can all relate to each other through our humanness… so even though we all have different life experiences, beliefs, and insecurities on the surface, deep down, they all have the same roots.

So in choosing to be vulnerable, you give your loved one permission to do the same simple smile Loving YOU (+ Special Update) And the ripple effect of embracing true self love and acceptance will grow and expand, reaching more and more people. This kind of deep emotional sharing and healing is just one of the many powerful possibilities of coming together in community.

When we stop fragmenting ourselves and choose to fully love and accept ourselves ALWAYS and ALL-WAYS, we embrace our wholeness, our greatness. And we start to experience the depth, beauty, and magnificence of who we really are, beyond any self image we can ever conceive of.

Imagine that you are like a prism… when you refuse to accept all of your many sides, the aspects of yourself you don’t accept will build up layers of dirt.  And when you shine a light through a dirty prism, you’ll get a fragmented, incomplete rainbow on the other side.

But when you choose to go into your shadow with courage (into your inner basement) and look at those sides to yourself you haven’t been accepting, choosing to fully embrace all of who you are… you become bright, shiny, and complete again.

Then, when the light of life shines through, you’re able to reflect a magnificent, whole, and beautiful rainbow.  This is who you are, your true greatness.  And it’s your birthright to be ALL of you! simple smile Loving YOU (+ Special Update)

And the more we embrace our wholeness, the more we able to love and accept others for who they are. We start to discover as well that our wholeness actually INCLUDES the other. We are all intimately interconnected… and in healing the walls of separation within ourselves, we also help to heal the walls of separation in the world.

I hope this post was impactful for you today. Truly reflect on it, let it sink in, and make the commitment here and now to always love and accept who you are. Again, it’s the most loving thing you can do for yourself, for others, and the world!

Ciao for now! Talk to you again very soon…

sig Loving YOU (+ Special Update)

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And PLEASE leave a comment down below with your thoughts, feedback, or any stories you’d like to share! Thank you so much! I appreciate you!

P.P.S. And if you want more information on this course I’m taking, you can visit: www.GaiaEducation.org

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