Have You Fallen In LOVE With Yourself Yet?

Well… Have you?  I think for most of us, learning to love and accept ourselves unconditionally is a process…  But if we really want to experience true love in it’s purest and ultimate form, we have to love ourselves!  There’s no getting around it!

It’s unfortunate, but so many of us are conditioned to believe that we need “proof” from other people in order to feel worthy or feel love… We fail to recognize the infinite and unconditional source of love that is within us already!  When we come to realize that we are LOVE ITSELF, we stop seeking it and craving it elsewhere… And it’s only then will we even be capable of truly loving another…

I made an important video about this and even though it’s a tad bit long, try and watch the whole thing.  I have a great visualization and analogy to share with you…

Click Play:

So… let’s affirm the love we have for ourselves by proclaiming it here…


(I’ve had this song in my head the entire time while writing this post… “People all over the world, join hands!  Start a love train… A love train!” )

I’m starting a LOVE TRAIN and I want to know who’s on board with me?   😉

If you’re willing to step on board and truly commit to falling in love with yourself, leave a message below and affirm it!  Let’s bring together a community of people who are really ready to step into their highest potential and experience the most amazingly beautiful unconditional love they’ve ever felt in their lives!  Share this message with as many people as possible today… And let’s make this love train just RADIATE!

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