Letting Go Of Expectations…

April 9, 2009

Life is pretty crazy sometimes. I have to say, the most transformative lesson I think I’ve ever had to learn is to let go of any expectations… To let go of my personal demands on the moment.

This is a hard lesson for many of us to learn, especially when it comes to business. We are so used to dreaming, fantasizing, and planning how things SHOULD be…  When in reality, we have no clue how things will work out.  No clue whatsoever. And from my experience, if I ever have any expectations for something, it usually never works out the way I expect… Ever.

Now, expectations are very different from goals. Goals are necessary to have when building a business because they set your intentions and keep you on track to accomplish what you’re looking to do.

Expectations are when we expect something to work out the way we WANT it to. When we have these expectations, we almost always set ourselves up for disappointment because we become rigid in our acceptance of the end result.  If it doesn’t work out exactly how we expect it to, we become disappointed, angry, sad, or discouraged…

Let me give you an example… Let’s say you’re in the network marketing industry and you bring someone into your business who is a so-called ‘superstar’ when it comes to network marketing.

You automatically have expectations of what this person is going to do. You start counting all the money you plan on making and thoroughly expect this person to make you rich.  Then let’s say he or she never does a darn thing. You’ve completely set yourself up.  You’ve set yourself up for disappointment and your emotions are going to interfere with your ability to continue doing business.  But if you never expected anything from this person to begin with, you would never have been so disappointed.

This is a principle you can apply to any area of business, and even life in general.

It’s kinda similar to relationships, too. When you expect your partner to be a certain way or expect something out of your relationship, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment because things NEVER usually work out the way we expect.

But if we just LET GO of all expectations and let go of every demand we have on life… We give ourselves room to receive the true gifts that are already present.  Expectations usually block us from seeing the truth in each moment. When we make demands, whether in business or in life, we are not OPEN to accepting what IS.

Accepting what IS in each and every moment is where true freedom lies. We never know what life has in store for us and when we let go of demands and expectations, we will see the natural FLOW of life.

This person that never did anything in your network marketing company could turn out to be a lifelong friend… Or maybe even someone you will partner up with later down the road… You never know why things happen the way they do.

But they happen for a darn good reason!

Whenever I expect something to work out a certain way, it NEVER does… But in the end, I always end up seeing WHY things happened the way they did and it always seems to work out for the best.

One of my favorite sayings is that ‘Life is always rigged in your favor’…

Keep your dreams, keep your goals, but just be open to whatever the outcome may be. And we can only be open when we’ve let go of demands and expectations.  And let me just say, from personal experience, when you do actually ‘let go’ of your expectations, you will see just how liberating that really is.

To let go of your personal demands and expectations means that you put your trust in life… You learn to trust the flow.

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