Taking the leap of faith

September 10, 2013

Hello friend simple smile Taking the leap of faith  I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted… it feels great to be back!  I’ve been having an amazing, epic summer… hope yours has been great, too!

I want to share a story with you today about how I recently took a “leap of faith” in my life and hopefully inspire you to take that leap yourself! simple smile Taking the leap of faith

The way most of us have been taught to live our lives is by default.  We tend to stick with the way things have always been done, what we know already works, or what’s comfortable.  This clinging to what we know keeps us feeling “safe and comfortable” (or so we think), but it stifles our true growth, creativity, success, and ultimately, our happiness and fulfillment.

It definitely takes courage to follow our true heart’s desires and dreams because it’s like leaping into the unknown.  When we embark on a path that hasn’t been paved before, we don’t really know what’s going to happen.  There are no guarantees, no certainty, and it can definitely feel scary.  But what we do find is our freedom… and we can start living a life that’s truly authentic to who we are and why we’re here.

Taking the Leap to San Francisco…

As you may know, I’ve taken some time off over the last year and a half to travel the world, dive deeper into self discovery, and get clarity around my next project, and ultimately, my life purpose.

After traveling abroad for over a year, I landed back in San Diego, which is where I’m from.  I have an amazing community of friends in San Diego, my family is there, the weather is incredible, and it’s just a beautiful place to live.  Landing back in San Diego was super cozy and comfortable for me.

However, there was something inside of me stirring and calling for more expansion.  I had the intuition that San Francisco would be a great place for me to live for a while, and it was definitely a new, exciting possibility… but the comfort and ease of rooting back in San Diego swayed my decision.  So around the Spring of this year, I started looking for a place in SD.

Now, I know I’m a powerful manifestor… it usually doesn’t take long for me to make things happen once I make the decision.  But something was just not in flow… I spent over 3 months looking for a place to live in SD and never found what I was looking for! Once I stopped looking, the calling to come to San Francisco got louder and louder.

I came up to SF to celebrate my birthday at the end of June with 11 of my close friends from SD.  It was an epic birthday weekend that turned into a magical, 3 week journey throughout the Bay Area.  And day by day, I started falling more and more in love with San Francisco simple smile Taking the leap of faith

The idea of moving to SF was exciting to me… but there were definitely a lot of unknowns in coming here!  I didn’t really know many people up here and wouldn’t have the community of friends I have in SD, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to tolerate the colder weather, or how I would like living in a city since I’d never experienced that before.

Despite all of the unknowns and uncertainty, my heart was telling me that SF would be serving to my personal growth, creative expansion, and be the perfect place to launch my next project.  There are so many amazing people in this city, so much creativity and innovation blossoming everywhere, and it seems that SF is becoming a hub for leaders creating positive change in the world.

Everything felt like it was in perfect alignment (and I knew I could handle the colder weather, at least for a little while :)… )

So I decided to take the leap of faith and move to San Francisco!

Finding the Perfect Place…

When I got here a few weeks ago, I started looking for a place right away.  I had been hearing so many horror stories about how long it takes to find a place to live in the city and how competitive the rental market is.

And, believe it or not, I ended up getting the very FIRST place I looked at!  It was perfect for me and exactly what I had been looking for simple smile Taking the leap of faith

It has a big, private, green outdoor patio (which is very rare for SF), lots of space (also rare), a big loft-like bedroom with windows overlooking the city on one side and a beautiful hill with walking trails on the other, ample parking, a month-to-month lease (which was important so that I have flexibility), and it’s super artsy and creative.  There were even beautiful messages painted on the walls that seemed to be speaking directly to me! simple smile Taking the leap of faith

(See pics below…)

After having looked for over 3 months for a place in SD and not finding what I was looking for… and then coming to SF and landing the very first place I looked at was such a huge sign of confirmation for me that I’m on the right path.  And I’m grateful for the little nudge not to settle where it’s comfortable and take the leap of faith towards greater growth and expansion! simple smile Taking the leap of faith

San Diego will always be a home for me, and I’ll always love my family and community there… and I do see myself going back at some point.  But for now, this feels so right and I’m so excited for this next chapter.  My new creative, enchanted home is just perfect.  And I can’t wait to share more about what I’ve been working on.

So I ask you now… where in your life are you wanting to take that leap of faith into the unknown to follow your heart’s desires and dreams?  If there’s something that’s just not in flow for you, maybe it’s time to look a little deeper into what your true desires are. Sometimes we need a little friction to help guide us in a different, more aligned direction.

Please share the “leap of faith” you want to take with us in the comment box below and then commit to taking that leap! simple smile Taking the leap of faith  The most exciting, authentic, free, and fulfilling life is waiting for you once you do!

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this post today.  Looking forward to sharing more soon…

Yours in Faith,
sig Taking the leap of faith

P.S.  Here are some pics of my new place in SF…

photo 1 Taking the leap of faith

photo 11 Taking the leap of faith

photo 9 Taking the leap of faith

photo 8 Taking the leap of faith

photo 5 e1378856710879 Taking the leap of faith

photo 4 Taking the leap of faith

photo 3 e1378856757689 Taking the leap of faith

photo 2 e1378856828326 Taking the leap of faith



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