How To Become A True Leader, Part 1: Leading YOU!

June 19, 2009

Developing yourself into a TRUE LEADER and into someone ‘worth’ following’ is one of the most important, most crucial growth milestones you will ever have in your entrepreneurial life.  It’s ONLY the people who have the courage and the commitment to themselves and their own personal journey of growth and development who create success… period.  So what does it take to become a true leader?  Well, before you can lead anyone else to success, you have to learn how to lead yourself first and foremost… So this video below is the vital first step towards true empowerment and leadership cultivation:

As I talk about in the video, the 3 steps towards learning how to become a powerful leader for YOURSELF are:

1.  Knowing Your Own Self Worth ~ If you don’t believe that you are valuable, no one else will either.  Becoming confident in your ability to provide real value to other people is the foundation of all leadership.  Even if you’re new, you can still trust in your own capabilities to learn and grow and share those experiences with others.

2.  Focus on Growth and Embrace Challenges ~ True leaders do NOT run from challenges… They confront their fears and insecurities head on and gladly accept any challenge that may come their way.  They know that this is the ONLY way they will get better at what they do and grow into a more powerful human being.

3.  Self-Discipline and Commitment ~ Being capable of ‘leading yourself ‘ means you are capable of practicing self-discipline.  True leaders have learned how to become self-disciplined in their own right and have an unwavering commitment to their own success. Setbacks and ‘seeming failures’ are only seen as challenges for growth and they never give up on their goals.  (Learn More About Self-Discipline HERE).

Personal leadership is something that most people tend to skip over when they are looking to become successful entrepreneurs or network marketers… But clearly, it is the underlying groundwork for any type of success and must be cultivated!

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