Day 21: You are innocence :)

December 23, 2012

Our conditioning that we get from our parents, religion, the media, and our culture tells us that there’s something wrong with us… that in some way, we are not enough, something’s missing, we are “sinners”, we are guilty, we are bad, etc.  This conditioning causes us to constantly judge ourselves, and to look to prove our “lack of innocence”.

The truth is that we are all INNOCENT… just like we were when we were children.  It is this innocence that is our true nature, who we are underneath the layers of conditioning.  From the newborn baby to the rapist in jail, we are all innocent at our core.

It’s time to stop judging ourselves, to believe in our own innocence, and start loving and forgiving ourselves, so that we can connect again to our true inner beauty and authenticity…

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