One Hour Of Free Personal Coaching… My Holiday Gift To YOU!

Happy Holidays everyone!

I’m giving away a very special gift for the holiday season this year… One free hour of personal coaching with me (valued at $399). Click ‘Play’ on the short video below to find out more:

This holiday gift is all about paying it forward… I’m going to pay it forward to one person in the community who feels he/she has the most potential to give back and help others. Here’s what you need to do to qualify:

1. Leave a comment down below this post and tell me why you feel you have the most potential to take this hour of coaching and use it to give back to others. Share your story, your visions, your goals, your accomplishments, and your motivations.

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After Christmas, on December 26th, I’m going to choose someone in the community who I feel has the most potential to pay it forward. It’s also going to be someone who has also helped to share this post with as many people as possible in the social networks…

I’m very much looking forward to hearing your stories!  Much love, joy, and peace to all of you…


In Holiday Cheer,

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