The Key To Going Deeper In Life (A Yoga Insight)

I just love the insights that can surface during yoga class!  The other day, I was trying to maneuver my way into some incredibly deep postures, when my teacher shared a story with us that had a pretty profound impact on me…  Not only did it shift my entire yoga practice, but it also gave me such an incredible insight into the true power of our minds…

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My teacher had been talking with a friend of hers who is an anesthesiologist… And what she has witnessed throughout her career is pretty unbelievable.  She said that when patients are under the effects of the anesthesia, they have the ability to move their limbs and their bodies without any resistance… And they can literally demonstrate the same level of flexibility as a young baby or an experienced yoga guru. 

Without the mind limiting or gripping movement, the patient’s bodies could naturally bend and twist in any direction.  And they experienced no pain or injury when they awoke because there was no resistance at all during movement…

As my teacher was telling us this story, she prompted us to start ‘relaxing’ into the difficult postures to just see what happens.  I noticed that as I was trying to get deeper into the posture, my body would tense up and get tighter because it was stretching beyond it’s normal capacity and it was quite uncomfortable.  But I consciously decided to relax into it and let go of any resisting or tension I was holding in my muscles…

Just as I did that, it felt like a new barrier had been crossed.  My body sank so much deeper into the pose than it ever has before… And any feeling of discomfort just melted away.  I was quite shocked at how deep I could really go without any pain when I just ‘let go’ of resisting.   

It’s amazing to see how much of a mind-body connection we really have.   Our bodies tense up when our minds are resisting… But when we just relax, let go, and let everything just flow naturally, we can experience a much greater depth and capacity for growth than ever before.

It is quite literally our minds that limit our power… If you truly believed that ANYTHING is possible, you would experience just that.  But all too often, we cut ourselves off from our inherent power because we tense up, we resist life and it’s challenges, and we fail to see that WE are the only ones holding us back in life.

You’ve probably heard the saying ‘What you resist persists’… Well, not only does more of what you DON’T WANT resurface again and again when you resist something, but you also completely block the flow of your potential power to create and manifest. 

Non -resistance is actually a spiritual practice that I’ve been applying to my own life for quite some time now.  When you resist something, you’re saying to yourself and to life, ‘this is not okay’.  And when something is not okay, there is struggle.  But if we can learn to just let go of our expectations and desire to control, we can become more of a conduit for life and let energy just flow through us.  Now, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t want to change an undesirable situation… It just means that in order to truly create change, we have to let go of resisting the situation first and focus more on the result we DO want.

The times in my life that I’ve felt the most empowered have been the times when I’ve just let go of my mind’s grip on life.  That’s when I naturally re-align with my internal power and let life’s natural flow live and operate through me.

When you resist something, you create tension and struggle… And that can either be in your body, such as in yoga, or in your life.  So I ask you, where are you resisting life right now?  Where are you experiencing tension, difficulty, or unhappiness?  And I encourage you to take some time and really reflect on those situations… What do you tell yourself about it?  Is this really the result you’d like to create for yourself?

The more we start to understand and tap into the power of our minds, the more we can shift our entire lives and current situations around in an instant.  But first, we have to let go of our own resistance.  Accept where you are at in your life right now and know that that’s exactly where you are supposed to be.  Why?  Because that’s what is!  After you accept what is, you open yourself up to truly create and manifest change. 

So all we really need to do is become aware of the struggle and tension we’ve created for ourselves, and let go of our resistance to it.  Once we do, we’ll be like open channels for creation, flow, and joy.  And the depth that is possible becomes virtually unlimited…


Yours in Joy,

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