Breaking Out Of The Cage That’s KEEPING You From Success

I have a very empowering story to share with you here today… It’ll help you see, just as it did with me, where you are holding your own self back in life… How YOU are actually the one keeping yourself from experiencing greater success, freedom, and fulfillment.  If we really want to reach our highest potential and live a life of growth, beauty, and purpose, we have to break out of our own cages… It’s our responsibility to set OURSELVES free.


So how do we really do it?  How do we break out of the cages of comfort?  We have to have the courage to let go of our ‘old familiar’ way of living and being, and step with power into the unknown.  We have to be willing to let go of our attachments and creature comforts and trust that, like the parrot, we can fly to greater heights.  If you want success, you have to have the courage to grow and change, adopt new habits, try new things, and step outside of that comfort zone cage you’ve been hanging out in most of your life.

The choice is yours… No one else can make it for you.  Those who have the courage to let go of their old attachments and comforts will grow and evolve rapidly.  Sadly though, most of the population is too afraid of leaving their cages.  The fear of the unknown is too great… It’s ironic that the one thing that will propel us to growth, freedom, and success the fastest is one thing that’s hardest for us to let go of as human creatures.  Are you ready to let go of your fear of the unknown?  Are you ready to courageously leave behind what no longer serves you?  Only the willing create success… Everyone else stays trapped in their self created cages, claiming they want success or freedom, but not willing to pay the price.

Just like the parrot in the story, you have the world at your fingertips…  Have the courage to step into your greatness!   The unknown is where your power truly lies…

To Your Success,

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