Discovering your “bread and butter” offering

Do you know what your bread and butter offering is?

Your “bread and butter” offering is what you WANT to be doing on a daily basis that is a pure give to others.

It’s that thing you’re naturally gifted at that you would do anyway, regardless of whether or not it makes money.

It’s simple for you to do and is incredibly valuable to those around you.

When you know your bread and butter offering, you always have something to give.  And from this basic, most essential gift, you can then build a business around it.

Have you ever gotten involved in a business or opportunity that you thought was exciting at first, but then it became a drudgery to you?  Well, most likely it’s because you weren’t giving your true bread and butter.

Most people buy into business ideas or opportunities for the money or as a means to an end, without really contemplating this most basic, and most important discovery to who we are.  They’re making money so they can do what they love, instead of doing what they love first and then making money as a result. They’re creating backwards.

What happens then is a lot of frustration, confusion, and exhaustion from having to do things that aren’t in alignment with what you’re really here to give.  Unless you’re giving your bread and butter on a regularly, you’re not going to feel fulfilled and on purpose.

Your life purpose is not some big business idea or career… it’s that simple action you can take on a daily basis that offers value to the world around you.

It wasn’t until recently that I discovered what my bread and butter is.  It’s something I’ve been giving all along, I just didn’t have awareness that that’s what it was!

And it’s been incredibly helpful to know this.  I’m restructuring my entire business around my true bread and butter now.

What is it?  It’s very similar to what I loved to do as a little girl… I can’t wait to share more with you as it unfolds and the insights I learn along the way!

The first insight I want to share today to help you discover your bread and butter comes from this question:

“What is it that I’ve always wanted to do, but didn’t think I was good enough (young enough, connected enough, etc) or didn’t think that it would make enough money?”

Answer this question honestly because you just might be surprised what comes out and what might now be possible for you!

And if you’re feeling brave, we’d love to hear what your answer is below! simple smile Discovering your bread and butter offering

Looking forward to sharing more soon…

With Love,
Katie Freiling

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