The Avatar Movie: A Profound Life Message…

The Blockbuster hit movie, Avatar, has not only broken records at the box office, but is now starting a MOVEMENT…

The messages contained within the movie are profoundly deep and it is now impacting millions of people all over the world. My friends and I recently had an ‘Avatar Celebration’ out here in San Diego to celebrate the true message of Avatar… We’re all connected.

I made a very special video for you to watch where I tell you all about it… Enjoy!

I SEE You… Yes, I really do!

Tell me, what did you think about Avatar?  What message did you take away from it and how has it impacted your life? Please do share, I always love hearing from you!  And please share this important message today with as many people as you can… We’re starting a movement towards true unity, and if you’re IN, speak it loud and clear!!

Thanks a bunch for spending time with me here today… I appreciate you!

Yours in Unity,

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