Eben Pagan's Secret To Becoming An 'A' Player in Business…

This past weekend I went to Eben Pagan’s Guru-Mastermind Summit in Los Angeles with some of my inner circle business partners.  This was actually the 4th and final event of a series that started back in June of 2008. 

And I have to say, these seminars have been an complete ‘game changer’ for me.  Not only is Eben an absolute genius when it comes to online marketing and product development, but the people who have come together to attend these seminars are seriously the best of the best…

I’ve met some of the most brilliant, fun-loving, and big-hearted people at these events… And many of them will be close friends and partners for a very long time!

This final seminar was about management… And it was chock full of golden nuggets and information that when implemented, have the potential to create the most drastic and radical shifts in your business and personal level of productivity.  It’s all about stepping up your game and becoming a true ‘A’ player.

The biggest ‘take-away’ I got from this event was how utterly crucial it is to be efficient at self-management.  Before you can run and manage a business, you have to learn how to run and manage yourself. 

Eben, who is a $20 million a year business owner, has hired a personal coach to help him with the 4 most important facets of self management…


2. Sleep

3. Exercise

4. Water consumption

It sounds pretty basic, but these are the foundational structures that will allow you to be most effective and powerful at what you do.  If you learn how to manage these basic 4 areas of your life, you will see some serious transformations in a very short period of time.  

Most people will sacrifice their sleep, health, diet, or exercise for the sake of business.  They’ll stay up all hours working, eat junk food, or make excuses for skipping exercise because they say they just can’t make time.

But living this way is actually completely counterproductive.  The more you ignore the foundational necessities for optimum health and focus, the more your business efforts will stagnate.

So, if you want to have the energy and stamina to really create some serious results, you have to make these 4 things a priority.  It’s always helpful to take a moment to reflect on your own daily habits and see where you stand today.  And then you can write down what your ideal goals are.

Eating healthy fruits and vegetables and avoiding processed foods and sugar is your best bet for an optimum diet.  It’s also recommended that you get 8 8-oz glasses of water a day and chug as much as you can first thing in the morning to re-hydrate after a good night’s sleep.  Also make sure you get 6-8 hours of sleep consistently and raise your heart rate with cardiovascular exercise at least 20-30 minutes per day.

After this event, I really realized that I completely fall short when it comes to cardiovascular exercise and now I have worked it into my daily routine.  I’ll keep you updated and let you all know how this affects my focus and productivity! 

The next aspect of self-management is having a specific work schedule and routine.  Eben suggests working in 90-minute increments with 30-minute rejuvenation breaks in between.  During the 90 minutes of work, it is uninterrupted, laser beam focused productivity.  And during the 30-minute breaks, you walk away from the computer and go for a walk, read, or do any other grounding practice.

I think one of the biggest mistakes that online entrepreneurs make is ‘allowing’ interruptions to distract them while they’re working.  So during your blocks of uninterrupted work time, turn off your cell phone, don’t check your email, and if you have a family, make sure they know not to interrupt you during these times. 

If you still have a full-time job and you’re building an online business for yourself part-time, it’s important for you to set aside specific 90-120 minute work blocks when you can fit it into your schedule.  So whether that’s in the morning, on your lunch break, or after dinner when you come home, just make sure you stick to your schedule.

When these practices are put into action and you truly commit to them, the results are staggering.  If you want to be an ‘A’ player in our industry, you have to become a master at self-management.  It’s really that simple… And it’s the ‘A’ players who are on top of their game and become the absolute best at what they do.  So if you’re ready to start creating some real results in your business, let’s make this intention together.

Leave a comment down below with your new intentions for self-management and get it down here in writing!  When you declare your intention for growth publicly and actually write it down, the odds of you actually following through are so much greater!

Have a wonderful day today and hopefully next time there’s another Guru-Mastermind Series, we’ll be able to expand our inner circle and get you all there as well!

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