How To Use Twitter To Generate 75 Leads In 2 Minutes

April 9, 2009

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months, you’ve probably heard of a little social media phenomenon called Twitter.

Twitter is quickly becoming the most popular social networking site in existence… With over 6 million users and counting, including numerous celebrities and even President Obama…

Twitter is undoubtedly THE HOT PLACE TO BE online.

You can get ‘real time’ data on literally ANYTHING happening in our world today and interact with millions of people LIVE.

I first heard about Twitter months back, but I didn’t jump on the bandwagon right away… I guess I just didn’t see how utterly powerful this site really is until very recently.

But now, Twitter is top of my social media priority list simple smile How To Use Twitter To Generate 75 Leads In 2 Minutes

Check out my newly renovated Twitter page:

So recently, a friend and colleague of mine was able to generate over 75 leads for his business just by sending out 1 tweet to his list of over 15,000 dedicated followers.

Do you really grasp how insane that is?!

75 leads in less than 2 minutes for FREE. It would cost you over $375 to get the same amount of leads with Google Adwords… and it would take much much longer.

Check out his Twitter page here:

If you’re looking to create some serious wealth online and build your own list of dedicated followers, Twitter is a

So here’s a Step by Step Guide to True and Utter Twitter Domination:


1. Go to to create an account if you haven’t already done so. Be creative with your bio and make sure to include your website link (A blog link is preferred).

2. Set up a professional Twitter background with free tools like or

3. Go to to set up a free account with this awesome Twitter tool. This will allow you to send automated welcome messages to new followers and create settings that will automatically follow those who follow you or ‘unfollow’ those who do not follow you.

4. Go to to purchase the Twitter Friend Adder for $50. This is optional, but highly recommended. You can automatically add Twitter friends with this simple and easy tool. If you’re on a budget,┬ájust add friends manually by finding others in your same niche.

5. Here are some great tools to use to help you find other like-minded people to network with:

6. You can manually unfollow those who don’t follow you with this free tool: (If you buy the Twitter Friend Adder, this feature is included).

7. Find good content to share with others. Do not spam your link… Twitter success is dependent on your ability to share valuable content and information with your network. Share anything:


8. You can share your own videos, quotes, or blog posts or re-syndicate content that you like from other people. and are great places to find good content.

9. It’s not enough to just add new friends, you must actually INTERACT with them. Use the ‘direct message’ and @reply features to interact personally with your new friends.

10. Here are some other great Twitter tools:



So there you have it! This is a brief step by step guide to Twitter success. There are many other Twitter tools out there you can use, but this list is what I consider to be of ‘Twittermost’ importance!

simple smile How To Use Twitter To Generate 75 Leads In 2 Minutes

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