Cultivating Meaningful Relationships Will Create Massive Success…

April 1, 2009

I just got back home from having lunch with a dear friend and business partner of mine, Jenn Lawlor.  She partnered up with me last year and we’ve become great friends and have made a ton of money together over the past year.  She lives in Alaska with her family and she was down here visiting us in San Diego.

So why am I telling you all this?

Well, I want to point out the importance of building real RELATIONSHIPS with other people in our industry.  And I think this is what really separates the successful internet entrepreneurs from the ones who just can’t seem to sustain a steady income flow.

If your sole focus is just on making sales and making a profit, you have a very short-sided and short-term mindset.  The real leverage and profitability in this industry is in the long-term relationships you build with other people.

One of my favorite quotes is from Robert Kiyosaki, a world renowned entrepreneur and investor. He says, “Wealthy people build networks… Everyone else looks for work.”

When you are building relationships with like-minded entrepreneurial people, you are building your own personal network.  This is a network that is YOURS for life.  And THAT is where you will find the long term business sustainability you’re looking for. When you build real relationships with people, it doesn’t matter which network marketing opportunity you’re building or which affiliate program you’re promoting.

People will join you and follow you because of YOU. And in order to attract and keep a following of people, you have to understand one more important concept… The more you GIVE the more you will RECEIVE.

Just as in any relationship, if there isn’t a balance of giving and receiving, the relationship becomes one-sided and not very mutually beneficial.  It’s blatantly obvious in our industry to see who really gets this and who doesn’t.  And I’m sure you know what I’m talking about… We all see those people who just hang out on myspace, twitter, and facebook spamming their link all over the place.

These people have NO CLUE how to really cultivate relationships.  And from my own experience, the reason I’ve been able to see so much success in my own business is because I UNDERSTAND the dynamics of relationship building.

So I’m going to share with you a few key points to digest about developing real authentic relationships with other people…

First off, the #1 relationship you’ll EVER have is the one with yourself. Now, this isn’t a bunch of woo woo fluff here… This is going to make a HUGE difference in the level at which you’re able to relate to other people.

Before you can fully be present with and connect with those around you, you must fully understand yourself.  What are YOU all about? What are your dreams and goals? What IS this life force that’s living out your life right now? Do you fully accept and love yourself without judgment?

Brutal honesty and authenticity with your own Self is most important… Because without it, you can never be fully authentic with other people.  I know this because I’ve been there… I grew up incredibly shy, insecure, and just flat out uncomfortable in my own skin. This was not a very pleasant thing to go through as a child.

I was always so concerned about how I appeared in the eyes of those around me that I completely disregarded and ignored my own Self.  Now that I’m quite a bit older, I’ve grown out of this (thank goodness!), but I can see how a lack of self understanding, love, and acceptance really affected my ability to cultivate true, deep relationships with others.

So now, when it comes to relating to other people, especially when you’re prospecting or building relationships with other entrepreneurs, it’s all about CONNECTION.  Find out what you both have in common or find a way to relate to this person in some way. When two people find a common thread between them, the bond becomes much stronger.

This is why attraction marketing is so darn powerful.  I can make videos or write emails about myself and my ideas and views and I will literally attract people of the same vibration.  That’s how I met Jenn Lawlor. I made videos a while back about female entrepreneurship. I was trying to encourage and empower other women to get out there and start creating real freedom and wealth for themselves.

She saw me and loved what I stood for… She partnered up with me last year, we both made lots of money working together, we built a solid and real friendship, and now we’ll probably be business partners for years to come.

Do you see the power of real connection now?

If I were to have just made videos pitching my opportunity or spamming my link all over facebook, I would never have attracted such a top notch partner into my life.  So what I’m trying to say here today is to think long-term… Build your own personal network by cultivating relationships with as many people as possible.

Try to forget about just making that ‘next sale’ and focus on how you can HELP those around you make money themselves.  Find out what other people’s goals and dreams are and do everything you can to assist them in making it happen.  Again, the more you focus on other people and how you help them get what they want, you’ll get much more of what you actually want…

And trust me, you want much more than just money. It’s part of the natural human condition to want real meaningful relationships with other human beings.  That’s really what enriches our lives and our experiences. And in our industry, it’s like killing two birds with one stone…

The more relationships you build, the more money you make… And the more relationships you build, the more love and beauty you invite into your life as well!

So make that your focus. It will make all the difference!

*Katie Freiling*

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