5 Steps To Cultivating *AUTHENTIC* Power

If you are open and ready, this post could be one of the most transformative, empowering, and liberating posts on personal growth you ever read… Enjoy!

So what is authentic power?  Authentic power is what will set you FREE… It is the source of your happiness, fulfillment, personal success, and depth of the love and joy you are able to experience in life.

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Authentic power does not come from money, fame, control over others, or being ‘better’ or ‘stronger’ than anyone else… Authentic power is completely sourced from within yourself.

It is your inner knowing and inner guidance that perceives life from a perspective of love and trust.  An authentically empowered person does not depend on anything external to feel complete, worthy, or fulfilled.  He or she chooses to live for the highest good of all and sees the interconnectedness of all of life.

People with true authentic power do not judge, criticize, or blame anyone or anything else for their emotions, experiences, or circumstances… They take full responsibility for their internal state and understand that everything they experience, whether good or bad, is a result of the way they perceive and process life.

They see every life experience and every emotion as a means to learn more about themselves… Everything is a lesson and they trust in the universal flow of life to give them exactly what they need to grow.

Because they look inward for their source of worthiness, love, and security, their external reality becomes a reflection of the truth, love, and trust they feel within.  They are able to attract relationships that reflect true love and care, and they live and operate from their internal power source, resulting in more external success, wealth, and abundance.

The Opposite Of Authentic Power…

Someone who lacks authentic power and only pursues ‘external’ power seeks fulfillment in their external world… They have a deep need to feel worthy, secure, and loved because they have not yet realized the source of everything they seek is within themselves.  Because of this, they seek fulfillment through acquiring material possessions, clothes, a nice car, a big house, their appearance, approval from others, feeling more successful or superior than others, or needing another’s love to feel worthy.

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The pursuit of external power does exactly the opposite of what the person seeking it actually hopes for… It leeches their power and they continually feel the need to restore it, perpetuating the cycle of external seeking and loss of power.

This person will wonder why their life does not look differently… They’ll wonder why they are so unsatisfied with their job, their relationships, their happiness, their personal success…

They’ve been giving their power away, probably for longer than they can remember, because they are placing their power in the hands of other things, people, and circumstances, hoping that they will make them happy.  They look to rearrange and control their external world to satisfy their insatiable hunger for love and security.

I know what this feels like all too well because this is the reality that I used to live in… Growing up, I became so consumed with what others thought of me and I sought to please them in order to feel good and worthy about myself.  I got into the bad habit of giving my power away and it’s taken quite a bit of self-reflecting, exploration, and inner work to really break this lifelong habit.

Most everybody alive today has been conditioned to seek external power for their happiness and fulfillment.  Some may seek control, more friends, a better reputation, a better physical appearance, more money, more success, a ‘perfect’ relationship, or even a ‘spiritual identity’…

Although we all may seek different things, the source of all external seeking is the same… It comes down to looking outside of ourselves to feel worthy, secure, and loved.  And at the heart of all external pursuits, is a deep, and sometimes quite unconscious, insecurity.

Anyone who seeks external power in any form is looking to fill a void of insecurity.  They do not know who they are and look to other people, things, and events to feel worthy.  Even the most confident, outspoken, and seemingly ‘empowered’ person who ‘has it all’ still feels, at her core, insecure.

The insecurity is covered up a wide variety of ways, but what is most important and what is most needed for humanity right now, is to heal those places within us that cause the perpetual insecurity.  It takes courage and trust to go within and find the sources of pain and suffering… But once we do, we can pull out the roots of fear and insecurity once and for all and start living a life of true empowerment, unconditional love, and real happiness.

So the path to authentic power is really about healing the deep insecurities within ourselves.  It is about mastering our emotions and taking responsibility for our lives.  I’ve put together a 5 step process that will help you discover, uncover, and free the parts of yourself that cause you to suffer…

Even though I’ve laid it out as a step by step process, this is not a “one time does the trick” type of work… Sometimes it can take months, years, or even a lifetime to really understand the inner workings of our thoughts, emotions, patterns, and habits.  But once we do, we clear out space for our true, infinite, ever loving, and ever powerful Self to shine forth.

It is in getting in touch with our true Self, not the image we have of who we are or who we hope to be, that truly leads to authentic empowerment. 

Ok, so here it goes… 5 Steps to Becoming An Authentically Empowered Human Being:

Step 1:  Become Aware Of Your Intentions.

In order to become aware of our insecurities and the way we mask them, we have to become aware of our intentions… Why do you do, say, and act the way you do?  Throughout your day, start asking yourself these questions…

  • Do I do or have this to feel more secure? 
  • Do I do or have this to feel better about myself?
  • Do I do or have this to feel better than others?
  • Do I do or have this to feel loved or worthy?

If you can be brutally honest with yourself, you’ll start to unravel a buried truth behind your true intentions for how you live, operate, and maneuver throughout life. 

If you realize that, for example, the real reason you drive the car you do (or desire the car you want in the future) is to feel better about yourself, be happy and proud that you were able to be honest enough to even admit it to yourself… Don’t judge it.  Try your best to observe without judgment.  Awareness in and of itself is all you need to start making more authentic decisions in the future.

Step 2:  Start To See YOURSELF As The Source Of Your Worthiness.

This step will definitely not happen overnight.  But as you become more aware of the inauthentically driven parts of yourself that seek security, love, and worthiness in other people, situations, and things, you clear space for the truth of your own worthiness to shine through.

Spend some time reflecting on the true nature of who you are… Are you just a bunch of molecules that have taken the shape of a body?  Or are you more than that? 

If you’re open to it, try and spend a few minutes alone each day in silence and just feel the aliveness of your internal body.  The more you do this, the more you’ll start to feel that you are more than just a body.  You are the awareness that realizes it has a body, a mind, and a place on this earth.  

You, me, and everyone else on the planet is worthy beyond comprehension.  Where we all got this idea that we weren’t, I don’t know!  But it’s time for the truth to start spreading like wildfire and touching everyone who is open enough to hear it.

YOU are the source of the love and worthiness you seek.  Once this is realized, you are not seeking to fill a hole in your heart any longer.  You’ve filled your own self first and now you have a much greater depth and openness to even experience what true love and joy feels like.  You no longer feel it’s missing and look to find it elsewhere. 

Nothing or no one else ever has the power to make you worthy or unworthy.  You are already it… Claim it!

Step 3:  Become Aware Of Your Emotions.

Most people have no clue how to get in touch with what they’re feeling… They’re so used to avoiding their emotions and burying their pain, that they don’t even realize they have any emotions until they blow their lid one day and rupture in anger, grief, jealousy, or irritability.

Contrary to what most people believe, our emotions are not a result of outside, external circumstances.  They are products of the way our energetic composition processes energy.  So when you feel angry, it’s not because someone else ‘caused’ it.  It’s completely due to the way you perceive, process, and release energy.

The same provoking situation that resulted in your release of anger could have resulted in an entirely different release in someone else.  The anger that you feel now is essentially the same anger you’ve been feeling all your life… The only thing that’s different is the situation provoking it.

So why is it important to become aware of your emotions?  We experience so many different forms of emotion on a daily basis, that when we’re not aware of them, they will end up directing and dictating our behavior.  If there’s unsettled anger or fear that we’ve buried within us, that anger or fear will erupt and lash out at the slightest bit of tension. 

Negative emotions, such as judgment, jealousy, anger, sadness, and frustration are all sourced from fear.  So if we ignore and refuse to feel or acknowledge these emotions when they come up, fear will end up running the show.   Allowing fear to fester and grow can become incredibly unhealthy… physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Emotions are meant to teach us about ourselves if we listen.  They are fleeting, temporary moments of expression that show us how our internal state is perceiving and reacting to the world.  They are incredible teachers and messengers.  If negative emotions are buried, we are holding onto them and creating more suffering.

Authentic power is when you are aware of everything you’re feeling and all of the decisions you’re making, moment by moment… It’s conscious, whereas un-dealt with emotions will result in unconscious behavior.

So being able to recognize our emotions and what we’re feeling is critical.  Practice feeling your body next time you feel an emotion rising to the surface… Where do you feel tightness?  Do you feel it in your head, throat, chest, or stomach?  Our bodies are incredibly interconnected with our emotions, so you’ll be able to understand a whole lot about your emotions just by observing where you feel it in the body.

After you learn how to observe emotion, the next step is detaching from it.  Without detachment, you can become consumed in your emotional state and get swept away.  Think of this like being in a river of water, where the water represents your emotions.  If you’re in the water, you could potentially get tossed around, without control, and all you can see is the water that surrounds you.

But if you take a moment to detach, or step out of the water and onto a bridge overlooking it, you can take on a whole new perspective that you couldn’t see earlier.  You can now see the water clearly, but you can also see the land, the bridge, the sky, and everything else.  You have a much more objective perspective at that point and you can become the master of your emotions.

When you detach though, it’s important to remain open and feel the emotion completely… Feel it in it’s entirely without resisting.  When you do this, your emotions will start to flow through you without getting lodged in your emotional or energetic body for any longer than is needed.

Emotions are healthy.  Holding onto, avoiding, or burying emotions is not.  Emotional awareness will help you become a much more conscious and authentically empowered being.

Step 4:  Shift From ‘How Can I Change Others?’ to ‘How Can I Change Myself?’

When we experience an unpleasant emotion, the conditioned response in us wants to immediately seek to change or alter our external circumstances.  We want others to change, the situation to be different, or we blame others for the way we feel. 

“If only he/she would treat me differently, then I’d be happy” is an example of responding to emotion by wanting to change others.  This is refusing to take responsibility for the way we feel and at the same time, covering up and hiding the pain that we feel inside.

An authentically empowered person experiences unpleasant emotion and asks, ‘How can I change myself?’  They understand that they alone are the source of the unpleasant or painful feeling and look to shift their perspective.  In this way, you are maintaining your power because you don’t look to anyone else or any outside situation to make you feel better.

You are responsible for your happiness or unhappiness and whether you know it or not, no one else has the power to make you unhappy or happy unless you give it to them.

We always have the opportunity to take responsibility for the way we feel and use our emotions as a means to learn more about ourselves.  Negative emotions are messages that show us the remnants of fear, insecurity, and unworthiness that are left inside.  And positive emotions show us when we are choosing love and evolving ourselves into more conscious, authentically empowered human beings.

Step 5:  Shift From Fear and Doubt To Love and Trust.

Anytime you feel bad or you’re experiencing a negative emotional state, you are releasing your emotion in fear and doubt.  You don’t trust the world, you feel alone and isolated, you feel powerless, and you blame other people and other circumstances for the way you feel.

If you’re feeling jealous, for example, you are fearful of losing love or losing your imagined source of worthiness.  Don’t resist the feeling, feel it in its entirety, but also know that you have the power to shift your energy at any moment you choose.

You always have the power to take a step back, take a few deep breaths, and determine whether or not the provoking situation is worth giving your power away and feeling bad. 

In every moment, you can shift your fear into trust.  You can choose to trust life and all of the lessons and experiences you are experiencing.  You can choose to see your emotional state as a message and a lesson for how you can further grow and evolve… And then choose to use your pain as a catalyst for change.

When you consciously choose love and trust, your body will relax, tension will dissipate, everything will seem much lighter, and you surrender in knowing that everything you’re experiencing is for a reason.

If you can choose to see all experiences, emotions, relationships, successes, and failures as lessons in growth, you’ll be living and operating as an authentically empowered individual.

Ground yourself in love and trust and you’ll no longer be swept away by fear, or the unfulfilling promises that external power never seems to keep.  You’ll know what it feels like to be intimate with life and you’ll experience an underlying joy in every moment, no matter what emotion you might currently be feeling.

Authentic empowerment is the ability to see, live, and embody the truth.  And in order to know the truth, we have to be willing to face our fears, feel our pain, and grow.  Otherwise, our lives will be run by unconscious, buried fear and we’ll continue to attract exactly what we don’t want in life.

An authentically empowered person does not seek fulfillment in anything else but the love and light that shines from within.  And because of this, he/she is able to attract more authentic love, wealth, and success than ever thought possible.

Thank you for taking the time to read this entire post today… The ideas outlined here have honestly changed my life.  They have helped me to shift back into my natural place of true, authentic power.  And my hope is that it will impact and help transform your life as well…

Yours in Authentic Power,

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P.S.  The ideas shared in this post today were inspired by the book, “The Heart of the Soul : Emotional Awareness 5 Steps To Cultivating *AUTHENTIC* Power ” by Gary Zukav.  If you’re interested in learning more about emotional awareness and authentic power, I highly suggest this book!

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