My 5 Step Formula To *Rocking* a 6-Figure Launch

Just imagine…

The day of your official ‘Grand Opening Launch’ has finally arrived… You wake up in the morning, grab a cup of coffee, stay cozy in your pajamas, and head over to your home office to get ready…

You’re just moments away from opening the doors to your brand new, self-created program. You’re INCREDIBLY passionate about what you’ve created and you’ve spent the last week or so building up the momentum and excitement for this very moment.  You have butterflies in your stomach, but they feel good… You feel ready, proud, and excited for what’s to come.

And you know that you literally have hundreds, and even thousands of people literally waiting by their computers to be the FIRST to buy your product.

With just a few clicks of a button, you make everything ‘LIVE’ and open the flood gates.  You sit back and watch as new sales and customers come rushing in.  Within just 5 minutes, you see 50 orders… then it climbs to 100, 200, 400, and within the first hour, you have 500 sales! You sit back in absolute amazement… You did it!

You just made $50,000 in less than an hour! And in this moment, your belief in your own potential has just skyrocketed to an entirely new level.  You know, deep within your being, that you ARE POWERFUL.  And you CAN do anything you put your mind to… You just PROVED it to yourself!

Picture 921 300x187 My 5 Step Formula To *Rocking* a 6 Figure Launch

You feel completely elated and overjoyed!  You run into the other room to grab your spouse and you celebrate over an elaborate and delicious brunch.  THIS is what makes it all worth while…


If you’ve never experienced the thrill of doing your own product launch, you are seriously MISSING out on one of the most rewarding, exciting, and empowering aspects of being an online entrepreneur.  But product launches are not only for entrepreneurs… In fact, Hollywood does it to launch multi-million dollar blockbuster movies.  Apple’s done it to launch the iPod, the iPhone, and now the iPad.

The first time I did a launch, it was for a new home business opportunity that I was building… And because of the momentum and excitement that I had created during the launch, I was able to recruit over 80+ people personally within less than 60 days.

The second time I did a launch, it was for a blogging coaching program that I had created. And that resulted in over $31,000 in sales within a matter of 2 hours!  And the last product launch I did resulted in over $160,000!

Each time I did a launch, my belief in my own power to create and manifest grew stronger and stronger.  And each success built momentum and fuel for the next launch, and the next. It really is so DARN EMPOWERING!

And to be honest, it’s really not difficult to do.  Now, don’t get me wrong… I’m not saying that you won’t need to step up, take action, and work… Because you definitely will!  But it’s really a simple formula that anyone with the right level of motivation and commitment can easily achieve.

So how do you do it?

Well, today I’d like to give you my 5 step formula to rocking out your own wildly successful product launch!  Now, please note that this formula CAN be applied to just about ANY business opportunity, affiliate program, or your own products, services, or membership sites.

It’s practically UNLIMITED with the number of ways in which you can use it.  And it’s really the essence of what Internet marketing and entrepreneurship is really all about!  So take good notes… And enjoy!

Step 1:  Build a Targeted List

Picture 93 300x233 My 5 Step Formula To *Rocking* a 6 Figure LaunchWhether you plan on launching a business opportunity, an affiliate program, or your own products and/or services, you want to think about who your target audience is. Who will your customers be?  What are they looking for and how can you help them?

It’s incredibly important to be very targeted with who you are marketing to… Because if you’re not, it’ll be like marketing cosmetics to a group of football players… No matter how appealing your offer is, no one’s gonna want to buy it!

Once you get clear on what kind of offer you want to promote and who you’re marketing to, you can start building a targeted list, or following of people.  This means getting out there on the search engines, in the social networks, and/or other web spaces, and driving traffic back to your website or your blog.    Focus on traffic generating strategies that drive targeted people (potential customers who would be interested in what you’re selling) back to your site and from there, capture them onto an email list.

You can see right here on my blog that I have an ‘optin gift’ over on the right hand side. This helps me to build my own targeted list of followers because I’m giving away incredible value in exchange for joining my email newsletter.  You’ll want to think about what kind of free gift you can also give away to encourage visitors to opt-in to your email list.  You can use a simple autoresponder program like Get Response or Aweber to capture emails and manage them.  From here, you have the ability to follow up with your list by sending out emails whenever you’d like (My suggestion is at least twice a week, but we’ll get into that more in step 2).

If you ask any serious internet entrepreneur where the big money is in this industry, they’ll most likely tell you that the real money is in THE LIST… It’s in cultivating a database of people who know you, follow you, trust you, and whom you can market to when you launch a new product.  Don’t expect to have a massively successful product launch without PEOPLE to market to!  And one of the big reasons these product launches are so successful is that you are not doing a promotion to cold traffic… You are selling to people whom you already have a relationship with!

But just having a list of leads does NOT automatically mean you’re good to go here… Cultivating a real relationship with your list is really the most important factor in building a following… So how do you do that?  Well that leads me to step #2…

Step 2:  Consistently Give Valuable Content To Your Followers

This step is really what separates the ROCK STARS who make loads of money for years to come from the “one hit wonders” who do okay once or twice, but then fall off the face of the Internet.  You CANNOT expect to grow a profitable list WITHOUT giving consistent value and content.  If you think you can just ‘sell stuff’ all the time, you’re wrong.

The new age of internet marketing and entrepreneurship is all about giving VALUE.  The more you give away for free (in the form of blog posts, videos, articles, etc.), the more your followers are going to WANT to continue following you.  So be consistent with sharing tips, techniques, skill sets, insights, or anything else that helps your list get to where they’re looking to be.  This is why I’m such a big advocate of blogging… You can brand yourself, demonstrate your leadership, showcase your value-based blog posts, and become such a ‘go-giver’, that people naturally want to follow you, join your list, and listen to your recommendations when you promote or sell something… And of course, it demonstrates social proof and also helps to drive automated traffic through social media syndication.

But in any case, make sure you’re giving your list valuable content at least once or twice a week if you can.  Make it a priority! It’ll make all the difference in the world when it comes time for your first (or next) product launch!

Step 3:  Create Your Offer

Like I said before, you can use this formula to launch a business opportunity, an affiliate program, or your own products.  So step 3 is really getting clear about your offer.  If you’re a network marketer and your focus is on building your organization, you’ll want to create a special launch offer for people to join you in your business opportunity.  This can mean putting together a coaching package for new partners, taking on 10 new people who you plan to mentor personally, or any other offer you want to create.

If you’re doing an affiliate promotion, you don’t need to worry about creating any offer, it’s pretty much done for you!  You’ll just want to come up with your own bonuses or added benefits to people buying this product through your unique affiliate link.

If you’re doing your own product launch, you’ll definitely need to put some more time and effort into crafting an irresistible offer for your list.  Get very clear on exactly what they are looking for and how you can be a ‘solution’ to help them get what they want.  You can create your own coaching program, an ebook, a teleseminar series, a webinar course, a video training program, a membership site, or anything else you can think of!  But just make sure your offer is relevant to your audience and the price point matches their level of desire for what you are offering.

After you create your offer and you set aside a launch date, contact the people in your niche who you’d like to be joint-venture partners of yours (other affiliates who will help you promote during your launch).  But just make sure they are people whom you already have a relationship with and you’ve already helped them out in some way or another.  Then, get ready for launch time!!

Step 4:  Create Pre-Launch Buzz and Momentum

This is a very crucial component to the formula.  If you notice, when Hollywood comes out with a new big blockbuster film, they never just open the doors one day and say, ‘Ok, everyone!  Here it is!’  They very carefully and masterfully plan out each and every bit of pre-launch momentum, building up to the ‘grand opening night’.

They do trailers and previews, giving away some of their ‘best scenes’ to get everyone juiced up and excited for the launch. There are usually loads of commercials, billboards, and other advertisements to get everyone thinking about and waiting for the movie release…

And the purpose of all of this?  So that on opening night, there are lines of people around every movie theatre in the country waiting to see the new blockbuster film.  And it works!

So you want to create a similar type of pre-launch buzz and momentum in your business.  Do a 4-7 day ‘teaser’ where you give people some of your best, valuable content that they’ll find in the course or product you’re selling. Get them excited, passionate, and on the edge of their seat for MORE.

Release one piece of free content per day and build momentum to the next one. And then, towards the end of the pre-launch week, give them the product details, the price, the opening date and time, and the FAST-ACTION bonuses for people who order first. And definitely make sure you include some sort of (I don’t like this word, but I’ll use it anyway because it emphasizes the point) “scarcity” strategy…

This means giving people either a time deadline by which they can order, a limit on the number of spots that can be filled, or special price that’s only for a limited time.  This helps people decide to take action quickly!

Throughout this pre-launch phase, if you do it correctly, you’ll also be creating an ENORMOUS amount of social buzz… This means people will be talking about you, sharing your content, and pretty much helping you promote your launch FOR you!  As an example, take a look at the ‘buzz’ that was created for me during my last launch:

alexaproof1 My 5 Step Formula To *Rocking* a 6 Figure Launch

I made it to the top of Alexa’s ‘What’s Hot’ list during my launch because of all the buzz and momentum I had built!  And when you take action on this formula, you can absolutely create the same type of buzz if not more!

And by following these pre-launch strategies, you’ll magnetize crowds of people who will be waiting by their computers for the moment you open your doors!

Step 5:  Launch Day (Aka:  The Big Money Day!)

Picture 91 300x173 My 5 Step Formula To *Rocking* a 6 Figure Launch

This is where all of the work, focus, and energy really pays off!  On launch day, you literally make everything LIVE with a few clicks of a button, sit back, and watch the money and sales come pouring in.  Of course, the extent of the money you make is dependent on the size and quality of your list, the quality of your offer, and how well you designed the launch process.

After the launch day, you’ll want to have a follow up campaign in place for maybe a week or so afterwards.  Send out testimonials from people who are in the course or have purchased the program already, and keep the excitement going until you close your doors (or end your special offer).

You seriously have UNLIMITED potential to make any amount of money you want for yourself when you follow the ‘launch formula’.

But clearly, there are a TON of details that I WASN’T able to cover in this post today. There’s a lot to consider when it comes to crafting the right offer, writing your sales page (or making a sales video), coming up with pre-launch content, how to approach affiliate partners, how to create viral buzz during your launch, how to create irresistible bonuses, etc. etc.

In fact, having a launch mentor or coach who can guide you through this process is honestly the BEST INVESTMENT you can really make.  One single tip or strategy can make you an extra $20,000 or more! (And I’m not kidding!)

My launches wouldn’t have been anywhere near what they were without the help from my mentors!  jonathan My 5 Step Formula To *Rocking* a 6 Figure LaunchJonathan Budd in particular, helped me craft my latest launch which again, brought in over $160,000 in sales! Jonathan is a true MASTER at the art of product launches…

In some of his recent launches, he was able to recruit 93 people into his business opportunity within just 3 days, he made over $50k in an hour from launching a coaching program, made $250k in 3 days from a product launch, and his latest launch was over $400k in just 7 days!!

I learn from the BEST!   😉

And when I heard that Jonathan was releasing an exclusive coaching program teaching the ins and outs, secrets, and strategies of doing product and/or biz opp launches, I KNEW this was probably one of the most valuable courses to EVER EXIST in our industry.

And then, after taking a sneak peek at the course, I was completely blown away!  He’s literally giving it ALL AWAY… Every tip, technique, psychological trigger, and secret he could give away, he did.  It’s 6 modules, with 2 bonus modules, live Q&A webinars, and an incredible community.

I thought to myself, wow… Jonathan could really charge at least $2,000 for a product this darn valuable… This literally has the potential to change lives!  But then when I heard it was only $297, I almost fell over!  For a hot minute, I almost felt like it was UNFAIR to give away so much for so little, when so many of us are teaching this information!

But I quickly understood that it was definitely a total gift to the community.  And I want nothing more than to see YOU and everyone else in our amazing community become as successful and as empowered as humanly possible! In fact, it’s my mission!  And I’m thrilled that YOU now have the opportunity to have my launch coach, Jonathan Budd, as your own!

So please believe me when I tell you…

That this course has the potential to make you millions over the course of your career… And I don’t say that with hype.  This isn’t a magic pill or a gimmicky program.  It’s REAL, RAW MARKETING POWER AND KNOWLEDGE that the best of the best in the WORLD implement in their businesses every single day!

And like I said before, I know first hand just how profitable this launch formula really is.  So trust me, it works like you wouldn’t believe!

And to prove to you just how serious I am about this course and how much I believe in it’s value, I’ve decided to throw in some pretty sweet bonuses for joining through my affiliate link on Monday, June 7th at 9am PST/ 12 noon EST:

Picture 901 300x67 My 5 Step Formula To *Rocking* a 6 Figure LaunchMY BONUSES:

1.  The first 5 people to order on Monday, June 7th at 9am PST/ 12 noon EST will get a free 30 min. private coaching session with me (valued at $499)

2.  The first 10 people will get access to my ‘Blog Mastery Training Course’, a 7 module blogging and social media training program (valued at $397)

3.  EVERYONE who orders through the link above will get access to a ‘never before seen’ LIVE WEBINAR where I walk you, step by step, through each and every facet, psychological trigger, and action plan behind the epic launch of ‘The Unified Tribe’, my latest $160,000 launch (valued at $499).

But in the meantime, Jonathan (and his partner Mark Hoverson) have created some of the industry’s absolute BEST, FREE TRAINING VIDEOS I’ve ever seen online.  If you haven’t seen them yet, make sure you head over there right now and check it out:

You’ll get a TON of free info and training on how to do a profitable product or business opportunity launch.  And they’re not going to stay up for much longer, so don’t miss them!

I know this post was longer than usual today, so thank yourself for taking the time to digest all of this incredibly important knowledge!  It’ll absolutely pay off for you!

And as always, I’d LOVE to hear from you!  What are your thoughts, opinions, or questions about product launches?  Are you excited for your first launch?  And if you’ve done one before, please share your experiences with us down below.

And if you got a lot of value out of this post today, do me a favor and share it with your Twitter and Facebook friends by using the share buttons below!  Man oh man… I’m seriously looking forward to Monday!  Some pretty major shifts are about to happen in the lives and businesses of thousands of people in our industry!  Can’t wait!

Talk to you shortly…

To Your Product Launch Success,

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