A total game changer…

February 22, 2014

ShareI did a meditation retreat at the end of January that was a total game changer for me.  In fact, it was the most powerful thing I’ve ever done in my entire life…
The retreat is called “Vipassana” and they have centers all over the world.  They’re also run by donation, so you can go no matter what your budget is.
What I [...]

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A special shout-out

January 14, 2014

ShareWe had a very successful Indiegogo campaign for my latest project called “Create with Katie”…
It’s a collaborative web show where we’re traveling around the world to document and instigate stories of innovation, positive change, and essentially the cutting edge of social consciousness.  There will be many opportunities to come together in community and collaborate on [...]

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Impact Storytelling

October 22, 2013

ShareA hangout with storytelling coach, Malek Houlihan about how to uncover your “true story” so you can share it with impact… Enjoy!
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ShareLast week I shared a video inviting you to collaborate with me on my upcoming project, along with a survey to get to know you better… (CLICK HERE if you missed it).
This week’s video is a quick share about the insights I learned from reading everyone’s surveys and what to do next to continue the [...]

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Let’s Collaborate :)

September 26, 2013

ShareI have a special invitation for you today…
I’ve been working on a special project that I’d love to collaborate with you on… Watch the video below to learn more:
There will be many more details to come!  For now, the first step is to start the conversation…
CLICK HERE to fill out the survey.
I’m really looking forward [...]

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Taking the leap of faith

September 10, 2013

ShareHello friend  I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted… it feels great to be back!  I’ve been having an amazing, epic summer… hope yours has been great, too!
I want to share a story with you today about how I recently took a “leap of faith” in my life and hopefully inspire [...]

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ShareI’m so excited to share today’s video with you…
A few weeks ago, I got the opportunity to go to Necker Island to meet and mastermind with Sir Richard Branson himself.  It was absolutely EPIC and a truly life changing experience.
In the video below, I share some awesome footage, inspiration, and powerful insights that came out [...]

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ShareWe have the power to turn any “challenges” in our lives into blessings simply by choosing to shift our perception.
In the video below, I share a few stories from my life about how I shifted some recent “challenging” experiences into blessings and now feel so much more gratitude and peace because of it
Was [...]

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Let go and let it flow!

February 25, 2013

ShareI’m back from Maui and I have a message to share with you that can truly transform your entire relationship with life!  It’s all about learning to “let go and let it flow”. Enjoy!
Any thoughts, feelings, or stories you’d like to share?  How are you going to apply this message to your life and business? [...]

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Dealing with Change

January 25, 2013

ShareIf you’re experiencing change in your life right now, you are not alone. There are many many people on the planet experiencing drastic changes.
And I know change can be very difficult… it can feel scary, uncertain, unsafe, or devastating if there’s a loss of a relationship, job, or anything else we’ve held dear to us. [...]

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